Saturday, October 9, 2010

What the F*%@ is a War Eagle?

I thought their mascot was a tiger.

Saturday night, our beloved men in blue take on the Auburn Tigers at 7 PM Eastern with the matchup on ESPN 2. The weather should be perfect for football, as sunny skies are forecasted for Lexington with a high of 82 degrees. Temps should fall through the 70s and upper 60s as the game progresses. It's been dry and mild all week in Kentucky, and field conditions should be great.

Examining the performances of the teams, both have mangled a pair of cupcakes. Both have beaten a BCS team out of conference. Both have played two SEC games, including a Mississippi team. The league is where performances have diverged. Auburn has edged a couple of bowl contenders to remain undefeated, while Kentucky has given up 90 points in losses to Ole Miss and Florida. I could opine that Clemson is a better opponent than Louisville, but I won't after Clemson's lie-down against Miami last weekend. Clemson is the perennial underachiever in college football. Auburn does not have a game against front-runner Florida on its resume, but neither has Auburn played a team that lost to Jax State.

Statistically, here's a head-to-head comparison.

These stats show Auburn being slightly more potent on offense, but almost twice as likely to turn the ball over. The disparity between the teams is bigger on defense.

So which Kentucky team is going to show up? The team that starts fast and continues to put up effort? Or the team that gives up once they get down by 7 points.

Regardless I will be drinking bourbon, protecting my lap top from Cam Newton's greedy little talons (or paws) and rocking my #FreeEnes t-shirt.

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Go Cats!

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