Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Boogiewoogie Blog Improvement Plan

As many of our loyal readers know, yesterday was a banner day for me personally and for the blog. The biggest question that I kept asking myself yesterday was "What do we do to keep the ball rolling and keep it rolling further?" I have come up with some ideas and please feel free to comment on your own. And please, don't hold back. I'm looking at you T-Ferg.

  • Continue Posting With Regularity- The traffic on this blog ebbs and flows depending on content and news. When we go days without posting that just makes us look stale and uninformed. I'm not saying we do 100 posts a day, but let's try and do at least one.
  • More "Interviews" With Sports Figures- As many of you know I have "interviewed" Charlie Strong as well as other figures and I have also reproduced conversations between coaches and athletes. That will continue because it's hilarious.
  • More Originality- We have to offer something original that nobody else is doing. It's fun posting links and what not, but we have to have our own identity. Something that people can say gives us personality.
  • Stay Current- We do a pretty good job staying update on the latest stories and gossip pertaining mostly to Kentucky and Louisville athletics. Let's keep it up.
  • I Vow to Keep Hating on Louisville- Not only does it create great debates and posts, but it makes me happy 90% of the time.
  • Keep it Funny- There are times when I get a little serious in what I do and I act like I'm Mike Wallace. That's boring and stupid. I'm not Mike Wallace. But when it calls for it I will get a little more serious, but I'll try to make comedy a top priority.
  • Keep Networking- Twitter is really the #1 reason why Free Enes turned into what it is now. Utilizing Twitter and Facebook is essential. Because I know everybody really cares about what I think and say. The live blogs during UK and UofL football games are also a lot of fun to do. We will continue to do that.

Any other suggestions you have will be great. Let's take a good thing and make it even better. And who knows...maybe one day I will be able to tell a certain other blogger that he is a jerk to his face.

Later today I will have actual sports news and comments posted. Until then, have a great day. Free Enes!!


  1. You are doing a good job guys, keep up the good work. I look forward to future post. Go Cards!

    I got Auburn by 3 TDs in Commonwealth.

  2. Thanks a lot Tavis! I don't disagree with your statement about Auburn but I do disagree with the Go Cards statement.

    Keep checking with us, comment, give us suggestions!

    I got the Cards by 2 tocuhdowns at homecoming. Check back for full football previews tomorrow!