Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Randall Cobb Apologizes for Twitter Comments

Per the Lexington Herald Leader: Randall Cobb apologizes for his twitter comments...great video of a great kid. How can you not accept it with those eyes?

Can someone find a Tony Woods apology video? I'll post it too...


  1. What a great kid. Cobb is the definition of what a student athlete should be. Well, Brandon Knight, too. Not Eric Bledsoe. Or Daniel Orton. Or Tony Woods. See, I can hate on UK just as bash as UofL. It's just not as fun for me.

  2. Patrick Patterson is a personal favorite...good athlete, good student, good person. Too bad he had to don the blue jersey.

  3. Pat will go down as an all time great. He stuck with the program through some dark days. And he graduated in 3 years. Never heard a bad story about him. Only great ones. And he LOVES that blue jersey.