Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OK so I know this is a sports blog and all that, but this story has got me up in ARMS, pun intended.

MSNBC - An Austrian man who lost both his arms in an accident but was able to drive because of a mind-controlled prosthetic has died after a car crash, a doctor said Friday. Christian Kandlbauer, 22, had been in intensive care since Tuesday after his vehicle veered off the road and into a tree. He died Thursday, Andreas Waltensdorfer, a senior physician at a hospital in the southern city of Graz, said. Kandlbauer was fitted with a mind-controlled robotic prosthesis on his left arm and a normal prosthesis on the other to enable him to continue living a normal life. Waltensdorfer and police in Bad Waltersdorf, a town near the crash site, said Friday it was impossible to say whether the accident was caused by problems with Kandlbauer’s artificial arms. Kandlbauer is thought to have been the first in the world to receive a mind-controlled bionic arm. The bionic arm was ripped off in the crash, the Independent reported. Doctors were forced to take off the other prosthesis during emergency surgery.

Guess that mind-controlled bionic arm that drives your car for you wasn’t such a great idea after all huh? I mean who could have seen this coming? I got a cell phone that can’t make phone calls, a laptop that freezes when I open Facebook, my Direct TV resets every time I use the DVR. But yeah I trust technology to drive a car for a guy with no arms. Listen I’m all for handicapped people trying to live normal lives. God forbid anything happened to me, I’d get fitted out in the most badass mind controlled robot outfit you’ve ever seen. The difference is I wouldn’t hop behind the wheel of a car like an idiot and put everyone in town’s life at risk while I sped around steering with my fucking brain. That’s just selfish. Like I said I’m down with this guy getting whatever he needs done to pick up groceries or walk his dog or have a catch with his kid. But when you start putting everyone within a 100 mile radius in danger because you want to go for a little joyride then you lose all sympathy from me when your freakin Optimus Prime arms take you straight into a tree.

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