Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Jail Bird becomes a Cardinal Bird

If you don't make Tony his dinner he will crush your spine. Welcome to Da Ville.

In a desperate bid to salvage his ruined recruiting class and what could be the worst season of his coaching career, Rick Pitino wooed exiled Wake Forest player Tony Woods and he is now officially a Cardinal. Unless he is ruled ineligible like 3 other of Pitino's players.

This follows the tradition of UofL basketball players being arrested on assault charges. Recently former Cardinal Jerry Smith, and current Dirty Birds Terrence Jennings and Preston Knowles have all been arrested. The arrests range from trying to fight cops and beating up on 50 year old guys from Bullitt County.

If you don't know about Tony Woods, let me fill you in. He is a scumbag. On September 13, 2010, Woods was arrested on charges of pushing and kicking the mother of his one year old son and fracturing her spine while doing so. All in front of the little kid. Wake Forest issued Woods his walking papers and told him to hit the Tobacco Road and never to return.

He averaged 4.6 points and 3.2 rebounds last season, not world class numbers. He also experienced a Butt Whooping at the hands of the Wildcats in the NCAA tournament 90-60. He is 0-1 against Kentucky so I am loving this already.

Rick Pitino is bound to take some hits for this but he should be used to people calling out his morals at this point. He doesn't have much going for his PR credit these days and he has the YUUUUMMMMMY IN MY TUUUMMMYY!!!! Center to deal with. His back is against the wall and he had to do something. Fast.

Note to Louisville fans: If I hear about UK recruiting "questionable" guys, or about Cousins being a thug (he has never been arrested for so much as littering), the phrase "win at all costs" or anything about John Calipari's character I will simply say "Tony Woods, Karen Sypher" and laugh in your face. The End.


  1. It goes from Looserville to Thugville. Will someone tell me what is happening at UL. Next thing Pitino will be recruiting at Eddyville and then UL will give him another contract extension. I'm ashamed to let people know that I'm from Kentucky and that Pitino and UL are in the state. Both are a disgrace to the State

  2. The fans are turning on him. If this season is a thud, those murmurs will become roars. Pitino is on the clock. Jurich can't cover his butt forever or he will be the next on the chopping block.