Friday, October 8, 2010

John Calipari Talks Derrick Rose, John Wall and the New Arena

John Calipari is, if anything, a busy man. He is currently watching former poitn guard phenoms John Wall and Derrick Rose go head to head at the United Center in a preseason game. The first time two of his former players have done so.

Also, today on SportsThat, it was leaked that there may be a new arena in the works for downtown Lexington and it seems that Cal has confirmed this via Larry Vaught and Vaught's Views.

Cal says when asked about the new arena: "I think they will do a new arena. I think within the next 4 to 5 years that will be a reality mainly because of the pride and it is needed. You are talking 30 some years for Rupp."

And what did Cal say when asked if the new Yummy! IN My Tummy Arena had anything to do with it: "That will move people, but believe me we are competing against ourselves. We are not competing against Louisville or anybody else. Maybe I am being arrogant there, but this program competes against itself."

Truer words have never been spoken. As I see it right now, Louisville is of no competition and of no consequencee. This is for the UK faithful. Keep it up Coach Cal!!

And P.S. Big Ups to Ryan Shooter for breaking this BEFORE Vaught. We have a new secret weapon here at SportsThat: Inside Information.

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