Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kyle Wiltjer - Still a Cat

While it has been a drought over the past 3 months in the state of Kentucky, the rumor mills were flooded yesterday.

On message boards, blogs, and other social networks, 2011 Kentucky commitment Kyle Wiltjer was being said to have turned Washington Husky. This coming less than a week after a visit Wiltjer described as a "great" on more than one occasion via Twitter.

Wiltjer came out yesterday and nixed the rumors and said:
Everyone I don't know where your getting these rumors but they aren't true. Just had a great visit last week. Can't wait to sign to UK!
And if Wiltjer's word wasn't enough, just look at the last two recruiting seasons, since when does Washington steal Kentucky players... I think we all know it is the other way around.

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