Sunday, October 24, 2010


New game, same story.
The Cats dug themselves in a hole last night, but this time, they couldn't climb out. Fumble was the word of the night. Hartline coughed it up, The Rod got stripped trying to make a big play and Donald gift wrapped a 1st and goal for the Dawgs early on in the game. The Cats had more turnovers than Arby's and gave it up faster than Paris Hilton on a cocaine bender. Uggggggga.

The good:
Mike Hartline, LaRod King and the UK offense. Hartline threw for over 300 yards, completed passes as a 63% clip and threw 4 TD's. UK actually dominated this game offensively. Had 22 first downs to 13 of UGA's. Had 423 yards of offense to 290 and had the ball a full 5 minutes longer than the Dawgs. Yet they still got beat by 13. LaRod King caught 2 TD's and fought off a potential devastating knee injury late in the game.
Raymond Sanders looked good as well. Coming in late in the first half, he rushed for 79 yards on 16 attempts and caught 7 balls for 77 yards and a TD. Derrick Locke who??

The bad:
Donald Russell. 7 rushes for 13 yards. 1.9 a carry and a fumble inside the 5 yard line, going the wrong way. In the quest to replace Locke next year, I think the clear cut candidate has to be Sanders and this point.
UK's kickoff defense. Smoked. 100 yard TD return after a long drive basically sunk the Cats for the rest of the game.

The ugly:
Turnovers. A fumble on the 1st possession. A fumble on the 3rd possession. A fumble on the 6th possession. All on UK's side of the field. Combine that with a field goal and 3 punts and you're asking for trouble.
That blonde Georgia cheerleader they kept showing. I wasn't aware Georgia replaced their last mascot and got Uga IX out of the cheerleading corp... Wow what a dawg.

Looking like the Cats are headed back to Tennessee for another bowl game this year unless they get a lot of help from the rest of the league. Who would have thought 5 years ago we'd be complaining about losing to Georgia and going to a bowl??? Oh well Go Cats and win out to prove me wrong.

Please don't yell at me Randall for writing this post. I still love you guys.

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