Friday, October 8, 2010

An Ode to Erin Andrews and the UK Women's Clinic

Erin Andrews was the emcee at the Kentucky Men's Basketball Women's Clinic earlier this week. It's a women only event where female Kentucky fans along with media members and Matt Jones get together to interact with the team and coaches. As such, since Erin Andrews was abruptly declined to demonstrate dancing lessons to Jon Hood and her other talents were wasted on a fully female audience, I thought it best to offer thanks for visiting and being apart of Big Blue Nation with a simple ode.

An Ode to Erin Andrews:
Erin, it is always that you seem to hold my attention. Your presence on the sideline has my head turning like a tennis match, watching you up and down the court. Like having a Frisbee to a dog, you are fetching. On Halloween it would only be fitting for you to be a witch as you are spellbinding. Fittingly you take premature ownership of my impressions as you are simply prepossessing.

Erin you are the antithesis of Dick Vitale on High Definition. You are the hair to his head, the ying to his yang. In fact some might say you are what HD stands for - Highly Desirable.

You are the sole reason any male ventured to watch Dancing with the Stars last season, well on his own accord. Only Stacy Keebler has held reign on that title prior. Like a Bruce Pearl grasp or the glance of Demarcus Cousins from the sideline, you held my attention for the DWTS entirety.

Ms Andrews you may attend Kentucky Women's Basketball Clinics, but you run a Clinic on being a woman. You may be on the sideline, but you take center stage. You capture eyes like you capture hearts. You make the meaning of pirate treasure a double entendre. You make curves look less like shapes.

Thank you Erin, Thank you.

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