Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The First Rule

OK, most of us have seen the movie Fight Club, right?
Well in the movie, Brad Pitt (or is it Edward Norton) says, the first rule of Fight Club is to never talk about Fight Club. Since UofL has had a recent string of events involving violent behavior, we as UK fans feel the need to make fun of our little brothers in duh Ville. From beating people over a hair utensil, to fighting off-duty police officers and now breaking womens spines, the line bearded crew has made it easy to come up with punchlines.
So we at SportsThat ask you to jump into the fun on twitter. Come up with your favorite first rule of #ULFightClub
Here are some below:

1st rule of #ULfightclub...Tom Jurich makes sure you don't talk about #ULfightclub

1st rule of #ULfightclub... there is no fight for top rated players.

First rule of #ULFightClub - rounds only last 15 seconds.

First rule or #ULFightClub - all matches take place after hours at Italian restaurants.

First rule of #ULfightclub Your "big brother" will always kick ur ass

First rule of #ULFightClub -- all participates are ruled ineligible.

First rule #ULFightClub you must always lose in the first round.

In the #ulfightclub pitino will not let u fight until your sophomore year

First rule of #ULFightClub - fans must show up late to all events and leave at intermission.

1st rule of #ULFightClub... it's never fair weather, so pack your fanhood accordingly

First rule of #ULFightClub -- never buy tickets to any events from Steve Masiello

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