Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pete Thamel: Adventures into Fiction

The newspaper is a dying industry. People are going green, newspapers are outdated before they are even printed, and thus the second oldest form of media is simply not being purchased.

When any company is in circumstances beyond their control, they adapt or perish. They will look internally to for revenue generating ideas or they will call in "The Bobs" to start looking for ways to 'rightsize' and become profitable. Never you fear, "the Bobs" have been kept at bay for the time being by a revolutionary idea from New York Times writer Pete Thamel, FICTION WRITING!

Pete Thamel just released his fourth article in a multi-part series entitled "Vendeta: John Calipari". His latest entry into the series "Catch me if you Kanter" strikes fear that the all-mighty dollar's value shrivels and people can randomly denounce interest in the acquiring of millions of greenbacks.

The Kanter article is written as truth, creating a "War of the Worlds" feel and leading millions to believe it as such, without independent evaluation.

However, a short search leads people to realize the idea is slowly fading away. Reviews from other sources have claimed the article to be poorly written, not from this world, and "been there done that."
To join the craze, late as it may be, SportsThat will be publishing a rendition of "Adventures in Wonderland". A remarkable story of a blog, fan following, and world left wondering when Pete Thamel will be 'rightsized'.

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