Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rick Pitino Loses Another Recruit: Mr. Wroten Jr. Goes to Washington

"Honestly, I wasn't into some of the freaky stuff Pitino is into. Just Sayin'."

In a story that must be getting old to Louisville fans, one of the top ranked guard recruits has picked another school over Louisville. And that school is Washington. This makes sense. Wroten is from Washington, his dad played there and Louisville is going to be awful and it seems like nobody wants to be associated with that basketball program right now, not even the fans.

This is kind of a shame because Wroten has really dumb yet sometimes hilarious tweets. He would have fit right in with the rest of Dirty Bird Nation. Word to the committed 2011 class: There is still time to pull out. Word to Rick Pitino: It's too late to pull out.
P.S. If Louisville was Kentucky, they could still have a shot at this kid. Please see Enes Kanter and Terrence Jones for reference.


  1. 2011 class is rated number 5 WITHOUT Wroten, Bello, or's still a good class.

  2. #5 is good and all. But it's not #1. That belongs to the Cats. ANd Louisville does not have a player in the top 20 in that class

  3. It's not all about being number one in recruiting though...2009-UK, 2008-UCLA, 2007-Florida, 2006-UNC, 2005-OK State, 2004-UK, 2003-Florida State. UNC is the only one of those schools to win a title with their class...the 06 recruiting class would have been seniors when they won it in 2009.

    Louisville was top 10 in a lot of those years, also, fyi...and looking at a lot of them, it shows how disappointing Rick's classes have panned out. He gets good kids, just a lot of them don't make it to campus for one reason or another.