Thursday, October 28, 2010

NCAA Looks into Louisville Red and White Game

I read about this yesterday but didn't write about it because I didn't think it was a big deal. It still may not be a big deal but it's a slow day and I find it kind of interesting. The story is that former UofL player Perrin Johnson was able to participate in the Red and White game Sunday night because Gorgui Dieng was not eligible and two UofL players are hurt.

UK wanted to use Mark Krebs, Perry Stevenson or Wayne Turner because they had only 10 players due to Enes Kanter waiting on the NCAA's decision. Well, the Almighty NCAA told the Cats no because they have a rule that states that using nonscholarship players cannot participate because they are considered "outside competition".

The UofL scrimmage is being looked at by the NCAA for the time being because the Cards may not have informed the NCAA that they were going to use Johnson. What will happen? It may affect one of Louisville's exhibition games but that is about it. I doubt much more will happen but we shall see. Read the full story and the rules here.

I find it strange that UofL was able to skirt the rule but UK was denied. I am guessing that it had to do with numbers. Louisville only used one player while UK wanted to use three.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that if UK was being investigated by the NCAA for something as petty as this the Dirty Bird Fan Base would be hooping and hollering, calling Cal a cheater and screaming for the Cats entire season to be forfeited before it even starts. But since it is UofL A). Nobody cares and B). Nobody cares.


  1. Read the first two sentences and it tells you hoe much I care.

  2. And I wasn't calling you a hoe. It was a mistake. Sorry.

  3. I heard it was something about numbers as well. 3 players constitutes a team...which was the case with UK. 1 player is not a team...which is the case with Perrin. I don't think "NCAA looks into Louisville..." was the best title for this post. The "look" you speak of is just a confirmation request that was initiated by Louisville.

  4. So I was right. Bonus points for me.