Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kanter Banter

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How's your Sunday going?
Still feel crappy from the disappointing loss last night? Well me too.
Would you care to hear some good news not involving saving money or small, annoying lizards? OK, well chew on this:


I kid you not. I got news that people surrounding the program feel extremely confident that Kanter will be ruled eligible to play this year. The only thing the staff is waiting for is how long he will miss. Unfortunately UK is planning on Kanter missing a few games. I am hearing 5-7 games as long as benefits are paid back.

Here's the kicker: The hold up is from our good friends at the NCAA. They are taking their sweet time to determine which benefits need to be paid back. As soon as they remove their thumbs from their orifices and make an announcement KANTER will be good to go.

This situation isn't much unlike the John Wall situation last year... Some "improper" things went down before their time at UK and once the red tape is cleared, UK fans will be dancing on Euclid like it's 1998.

Stay positive UK fans, but don't expect a decision "any time soon". What does that mean? I have no clue and neither do the people connected to UK's program. If anyone tells you they have a time table, they are A) lying or B) work for the NCAA

So rejoice, good news is coming sooner or later!


  1. The usual NCAA BS, now if this was Duke it would have already been taken care of and he would have been cleared. When is the NCAA going to be made to be accountable for it's bias ways ?

  2. Right on. If it was Duke it would have been a non-issue. Corey Maghettee helped lead Duke to a Final Four. It was later revealed that he received money from an agent while be recruited. Nothing was ever done to Duke. The and Coach K have a free pass as far as the NCAA is concerned.