Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank You John Clay: I Started Free Enes

There comes a time in a man's life when he has to stand up for what is right. Whether it be a political stance, a religious stance or a moral stance, you have to fight for what what you believe. Like Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top, John Lennon, or the Karate Kid.

My moment has arrived thanks to John Clay of the Lexington Herald-Leader. I have made it clear on this humble blog that I deserved due credit for the Free Enes movement that has swept over the Blue Grass State, nay, swept over the entire country. John Clay, through his awesome investigation skills, has made my dream of getting credit has come true.

Read the article here. It is an epic tale of visions and dreams. Of a man's will to overcome, to fight and to win. My Kentucky sports obsession and rantings have finally paid off. Now my hope is that this tiny blog can become bigger and better.

Who knows what the future may hold. In the mean time, Go Cats.


  1. dude your the fucking best for starting that only true blue bleeders can respect the fact that you care enough to try and get something like that started. furthermore your dream of this blog becoming bigger well will do just that i think ill place a link on all my sigs giving you the proper credit and as all Kentucky fans are hoping for that the will set him free

  2. Thanks so much Kenneth! We all know what it means to be True Blue Cats fans!!! Follow me on Twitter: @Jstrebleboogie