Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gorgui Dieng Ruled Ineligible

The only thing being blocked this season is Dieng's eligibility. ZING!

The Cardchroicle is reporting that Louisville freshman center Gorgui Dieng is ruled ineligible to play this season by the powers that be in the NCAA. It seems that the news about why is hard to come by. Whatever the reason is behind this, I am not sure how it will bode for other foreign players that we will not mention at this time. From what I am reading online, it is unfair that Dieng is not going to be able to play, although it is difficult to say this with any certainty since there are no details being released. It must be the ole Rick Pitino gag (order) trick.

This is another HUGE blow to the Cardinals basketball team. With the loss of Dieng, it hurts a team already depleted by players ruled ineligible. Louisville players Roburt Sallie and Justin Coleman were ruled ineligible for academic reasons. I think this is hilarious since Louisville fans like to harp on Eric Bledsoe (ruled eligible) and Enes Kanter (decision still pending).

What's the difference between John Calipari going after a foreign player that may have eligibility issues and Pitino doing it? What's the difference between a UK player having academic issues and two UofL players having academic issues? There is no difference in either situation. Louisville fans like to ride the high horse and pretend that their program has never had any such issues while they LOVE to lob stones at UK and call it a dirty program but the fact is that Louisville has experienced very similar issues. Not saying one is better than the other, just calling it like it is.
And now it seems as if the Sky is Falling on the UofL fan message boards and the message boards on the Courier Journal. There are Cardinal fans calling for Rick's head on a platter for having only one eligible recruit for 2010. And here are some of the choice phrases: "No other coach would get this kind of cushion without the fans shoving them out the door"; "Nice job landing players that would make it to campus"; "Really getting tired of this Slick Rick next year crap. Well this IS next year and ONE recruit?"; "I agree with the Sick-of-Rick gang. What benefit is this guy to the Cardinals? The last bastion was his reputation, and well... that's been blown if you know what I'm sayin'."
But that kind of stuff only happens with Kentucky fans and their coaches. The sun shines on a dog's ass sometimes but it sure ain't shining on Louisville basketball.

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