Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jules Camara - Sianara?

Earlier this week we posted that the former UK Wildcat basketball player, Jules Camara, had been arrested for his second DUI. In case your week was as crazy as mine, here's a reminder per
Lexington police say they arrested Camara, 31, early Monday morning at the intersection of New Circle Road and Alumni Drive and charged him with DUI. The police report says Camara's was unconcious in his car, which was still running and was stopped in the grass median. It also says that there was a cup of vodka in the console of his Ford Taurus.
Today, the immigration and customs enforcement recommended that Camara be deported from the United States and forced to return to his native Africa and placed him on a detainer. He will have the right to go before an immigration judge to have the facts presented before a decision is made.
Doesn't look like this Cat will land on his feet... in the US at least.

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