Friday, October 15, 2010

It's 10-15-10 and that means it is MADNESS in the Bluegrass!

Kentucky's Big Blue Madness is merely hours away. You waited in line for days, got tickets from Ticketmaster early that Saturday, or you simply trolled the internet and had them handed to you via SportsThat... or like me you'll be sulking on the couch watching on WMYO, Fox Sports South, or no matter how you're streak will end, we all have waited 202 days since the last time the Cats took to the court (in this Country).

Well Cat fans, here's what to watch for after the long summer hiatis:

1) Enes Kanter -Yesterday during media day, Cal refused to answer any other questions about Enes Kanter other than to say they weren't sure if he would be able to participate in the practice portion of the festivities. Kanter will be at BBM either way, but rather or not you get to see his ball skills is unknown. Never fear though, he will still be on-site, introduced, and I expect an Undertaker gesture at least once during the night.

2) 2011 recruits - Gilchrist, Teague, Davis, and Wiltjer will be on hand to witness what they have verbally commited to being involved in next year. The #2, 3, 6, and 25 players in the class makeup the current #1 recruiting class for Kentucky in 2011.

3) TMZ - No word has been leaked on the secret celebrity in attendance. Last year rapper Drake was on hand and rumors are swirling as to who it would be this year. Cal didn't have much to say on the topic yesterday other than "that's a secret".

4) Darnell Dodson - OK, he won't be on campus and won't be at BBM as he was announced yesterday to have received a full release by the university. This means he is free to transfer (again) to any school that will have him. Darnell was a highly talked about transfer that never really lived up to his sharp shooting hype.

6) "The Carlton" - The KSR crew has started a push to have Josh Harrelson do "The Carlton". Beisner made a call to arms:
 Speaking of Madness, I’m asking for your help. I don’t want tickets. I just want your support. I launched a Twitter campaign on Thursday that seemed to gather some decent steam encouraging Josh Harrellson to do “The Carlton” when he is introduced on Friday, thus seizing the dancing throne vacated by John Wall. Please join me in support of this. I’ll be watching Big Blue Madness with a chatty wife and two loud children. I need this. Or, if you can’t support the greatest potential dance move in history, just send me that free poster you’ll get on your seat. Thanks.
SportsThat fully supports the campaign. Let us simply point out that other professional athletes are doing the dance and Jorts can propel himself into that caliber of player by doing so. Here's an example with Detroit CB Alphonso Smith after an interception returned for a touchdown doing that "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" motion.

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