Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is How Bad the Big East Is and a Wildcat Prediction

Let's not kid ourselves. #1 Pitt is terrible; #2 They are coached by the Stache; #3 They are undefeated in the conference and #1 in the Big East. Do the Math: Big East=Garbage

As I am eagerly awaiting the Cats game in Starkville, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Louisville/Pitt game. Here is what is sad: They were playing for first place in the Big East. The teams were both 4-3 going into the game but their combined non conference record was 5-5. The two "best" teams in the Big East lost to every decent Division I team they faced including Utah, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Oregon State, and Miami.

Neither team had a win against a ranked opponent. The wins were against EKU, Florida International, New Hampshire, Rutgers (Big Least), UConn (Big Least), Syracuse (Big Least), and Arkansas State. This is what we like to call Charmin Soft.

Long story short, the Big East is the worst "Big Time" FBS automatic BCS bowl conference there is and nobody can dispute that. I am not just writing this post to trash the Cards, they have actually outperformed what many had predicted, I am writing this post trashing the entire conference. The Foul Fowl (haha, you like that?) now sit 4-4, 1-2 in the worst conference in the land, but can take solace in the fact that they don't have to play against tough compeition like other teams do in the SEC, the Big 12, the Big 10, the Pac 10 and I would even put the Mountain West over the Big East.

Side note: UK Prediction Time: As disappointing as this season has been I still have hope. Will this FINALLY be the game the Cats come out and look like they want to play in the first half? Or will a very tough 6-2 #23 ranked Mississippi State team come in and shut the Cats down early? Their only losses? Auburn and LSU, two top 10 BCS teams. UK has proven that they can play with anybody sticking in there against #1 Auburn and beating then #10 South Carolina.

Mississippi State has a very good defense but only a mediocre offense. Which is great because the Cats have a very good offense and, let's be honest here, the last place defense in the SEC.

The Bulldogs have a tradition of being really bad but beating UK when they are good. Let's reverse it and upset them in the armpit that is Starkville.

Cats-35, Miss. St. 27

Go Cats

Free Enes

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