Sunday, October 17, 2010

Operation When????

Go Cry To Your Mommy

Operation Win started to feel like Operation When, with the 2010 Football Cats. When? Howwa bout last night... Whew, finally!

The Cats did it, the Cats did it!!!

If you were like me last night you, you went through the whole array of emotions when it comes to UK football. Anticipation, hope, excitement, pissed, in denial, despair, sad, optimistic, happy, happier, jubliant, disbelief and joy...

Our little Mikey Hartline grew up right before our eyes. Chris Matthews was in "he's on fire" mode, circa 1998 NBA Jam and Randall Cobb's legend continue to grow as the cocks shrunk (see what I did there?)

I can not express the utter joy I am feeling today. I can't imagine anything better than beating Spurrier. Unless of course Spurrier coached for Tennessee, but that's for a different week, right?

Anywho... Enjoy your Sunday and relish in the fact that our own Joker Phillips is 1-0 against the visor.

I leave you with this:

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