Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Official: Free Enes is Bigger than Ever

After the John Clay article about me starting the Free Enes Movement was printed this morning and it was online, a lot of stuff started happening. Family members, friends and others started calling, texting and emailing me with congratulations. I always said, "Thanks" but it's not like I won a prize or something. I just posted something I thought was funny and didn't think anything of it.

Now I'm on an ESPN blog. One thing is for certain, without this blog or Twitter, none of this would have happened. The social network is extraordinary if it allows some dope like me to spread a phrase. It caught earlier and now it seems to be spreading like wildfire. I'm a mini-celebrity. Who knows where it can go from here. Until then, here is the news and notes of the day!

  • Randy Moss is going to get a warm welcome back to a place he was once despised. The Patriots traded Moss to the Vikings for a draft pick mainly because Moss was back to being...well, Randy Moss. The malcontent and talented wide receiver will be hooking up with the spokesman for Wranglers to make a decent offense better. Or until they both revolt against Brad Childress and the team falls into anarchy.
  • The baseball playoffs start today. Yeehaw. Another Yankees title is on the way. Let's go Reds or Rays. You're our only hope (imagine Princess Leia saying this and it's automatically funny).
  • The UK football team are 6 point underdogs Saturday against an undefeated, top 10 Auburn team. I think -6 is generous. More on the football predictions on Friday.
  • Enes Kanter's father said via the Sporting News that Turkey is using his son as an example and that Enes turned down an offered contract from the team. No wonder the NCAA is taking their sweet time in deciding the Istanbull's fate. This whole situation is getting more jumbled by the day. Turkey, you know I'm gunning for you.
  • Monster Mash posted a hilarious fake letter from a Louisville fan pretending to be Rick Pitino. All I can say is that Louisville fans, you asked for him, you got him. I think it's beyond funny that Dirty Bird fans love to act like UK fans overreact and are overzealous while they aren't. Start being honest with yourselves, you have dumb fans too.
That's all for now. Stay tuned as this Free Enes thing snowballs even further. There is no telling where it goes from here. Keep clicking on to Sportsthat for your news, comedy and tragedy!

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