Saturday, October 30, 2010

No its not Herpes... its Viral Halloween Videos!

It's Halloween! I have yet to gain interest in the NBA, other than the NBA Cats (Cousins fouled out last night with 3 mins to play, 22 mins, 14 points, 4 rebounds) and the World Series is shaping up to be WORSE than I expected. Thus, I have turned my attention towards my Halloween costume... I've decided to dress up, yes it is very last minute.

So I turn it over to some last minute costume ideas via video:

Nerd Alert 1: Probably not a last minute idea but...

Nerd Alert 2: Another idea that would take many hours of preplanning...

Last Minute Idea 1: HIDE YA KIDS HIDE YA WIFE... I mean, it's a red bandana and black wife-abuser tee shirt... how easy is that???

Weirdo Idea: Seriously, I'd heard of people dressing up their cat/dog for Halloween, but their Hampster??? There were THOUSANDS of these videos!!!

Weirdo Idea 2/Last Minute Idea 2: This little kid is one thing, but I choose not to make fun of kids. However, the grown man that runs behind the kid wearing t a thong... pull it off (no pun intended) if you can.

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