Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pitinos Praises and Cardinals NCAA hopes soar

Edgar Sosa had 6 points and 6 assist on Sunday against the Connecticut Huskies. This includes the two points from a layup made with 8 seconds left to lift the Cardinals past the Huskies and raise the hopes of reaching the NCAA tournament.

Ricky P was so excited with his guards 6 points and senior leadership that between his Forrest Gump references and other typical cliches he makes reference of Sosa being one of the best guards in the country (2:10). Now that Pitino's smoking the Sosa gonja, it'll be interesting to see if he can convince the rest of the Card fans to inhale and not worry about who's driving the short red bus.
The Cards play at Marquette on Tuesday at 9:30 on ESPNU.

Are you ready for some football?

Joker already getting it done in Lex Vegas.

Hell no! We haven't even made it to the first weekend of March Madness yet! Ask me again in the middle of June during the way too long NBA playoffs and the begining of the super-way too long MLB season. Until then here is the UK football schedule. All times are TBA so it is not 100% official yet. Go Cats!

Weekend Wrapup: A weekend to forget

This sports weekend sucked for me for three reasons. Here they are in order of when they took place, not in order from what sucked most to what sucked least: UK lost to Bruce Pearl and his team of convicts; Edgar Sosa made the winning shot in a UofL victory; the USA lost to Canada for the gold in Olympic hockey. Which one hurts the most? To me, the loss to our Neighbors from the North.

-The UK loss doesn't bother me all that much. They fought back from a huge deficit and made a game of it. They were tired from playing a 9 p.m. game on Thursday and had to come and play a 12 p.m. game on Saturday which leaves little or no time for game preparations. Cal decided not to do a pregame shoot around to give his team extra rest and then immediately regretted it. The Cats came out sluggish and the fatigue showed. I blame that for the poor shooting performance. It's not late March so it's not time to panic.

-The UofL win only bothered me because of who won the game for them. If Siva, Samuels, Kuric , Delk, Knowels or Swopshire would have made that shot then I would not have cared one bit. I actually like those guys and the way they play. But it had to be Little Eddie. There are really only two people on that team that I cannot stand and it happens to be Little Eddie and Jerry Smith. I'm neutral on Jennings because I think the guy is too dumb to hate.

To the Louisville fans: You know that sick feeling in your stomach whenever you see Cousins on TV? Yeah, well that's how I fell about Sosa and Smith. The difference is that Cousins is actually good while Smith and Sosa are terrible. UofL fans even lament whenever either of those two are on the floor and I can't tell you how many times I have heard the phrase, "Siva needs to play more than Sosa. He would be awesome if he had some experience." And my response is always,"I agree." So think about that before you come rushing to defend either one of them.

-I hate hockey. I find it boring and dull to watch. So it angers me even more when I watch the game, get emotionally involved, cheer for a team and then they lose. That's what happened tonight. Canada ruined only the second time I watched and cheered during a hockey game. The US gave it all they had but, in the end, the Canadian Mount-Me's prevailed. I declare tomorrow National Punch a Canadian Day. If you see a Canadian, please punch him/her. It might make you feel better.

LIVE BLOG: Louisville @ Connecticut

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Revenge/Paybacks...a different spin.

With all the revenge/payback talk going on this board the last week, it seems as though the Big Blue Faithful almost forgot that they play OTHER teams besides South Carolina twice. They forgot that their just might be some other teams out looking for revenge, or who might be prancing around thinking, "Paybacks are HELL, Kentucky!!!!!"

I'm not sure if it's just from this season's earlier defeat at Rupp or if they channeled the spirit of SmokeyII to energize their players, but whatever the case, the Wildcats didn't seem like they knew what hit them. They did however mount what seems to be this season's trademark for their team and that is trying to mount a late run to put the game away. The only difference was this time they were CUTTING the deficit, not trying to outsurge an opponent who had been down marginally and making a run.

In the grand scheme of things, this loss will probably mean nothing down the stretch. Their top 25 ranking may not even change. Just don't get out those "Back on Top" T-shirts with the date printed on them just yet Cat Fans. UK will still lock up a number 1 seed in the tourney, and are almost still guaranteed their One Billionth SEC regular season title (again, how tough is this conference when one team utterly dominates? That's a different blog altogether, I digress).

If anything, this loss might re-focus the Cats and their youthful roster into realizing that even though they rarely play like it on the floor, they ARE in fact, human. It's scary to think what this team may do now that they have been motivated and shown the light in the way that even Coach Cal can't motivate them, because now they've seen it for themselves, they ARE beatable if they don't play well and take each game seriously.

I still hate Tennessee

Scotty Hopson - a Tennessee Volunteer, doing the John Wall Dance.

Yeah, I still hate Tennessee. I probably hate them more than I did 3 hours ago. I forgot just how much I hate their trash talking, Rocky Top, Tompson Bowling Arena, and that everyone has worn a headband since 1999.

After a horrible shooting game, where UK hit 9% for 3pt (2-22) and 35% FG overall, Tennessee manages to outlast the Kentucky surge during the final 5 minutes to win the game 74-65.

The surge mounted saw Tennessee's 19 point lead during the second half shrink to 0 with under 3 minutes left. However, the comeback fell short of ever breaking the spirit of UT. Poor ball handling and the lack of consistent shooting led to the Vols getting second chances and high hopes.

Kentucky still hangs onto their #1 seed, and probably their #2 ranking, but it wipes the hopes of sneaking back into that #1 spot or playing in the St. Louis region during the Tournament. And for at least one more game, Kentucky still hasn't earned their 44th SEC regular season title.

The Cats play Georgia next Wendesday in hopes of bouncing back and will wrap up the regular season next Saturday at home against Florida.

LIVE BLOG: Kentucky @ Tennessee

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday Night Fever: I hate Tennessee

Ok, let me give credit to KSR for showing me this video the first time, thank you KSR. But let me thank the great, I'm sorry, the 6th most dangerous state of Tennessee for allowing me to hate it so much as well. I hate them and here's 10 reasons why:

  1. I hate how much Bruce Pearl sweats, its like he's being interrogated by the police

  2. I hate the Orange Pride a bunch of hookers and prostitutes.

  3. I hate that I have to drive through the slums known as Knoxville everytime I go to Gatlinburg and now that I think about it, I hate that I like going to Gatlinburg.

  4. I hate the unoriginal checkered flag crap they have on their school flag.

  5. I hate their mascot "Smokey" for dying so much, I mean they're up to 9 versions

  6. I hate that they say Kentucky 'dogknapped' Smokey II and even more I hate they gave him back

  7. I hate being scared to go to UT for fear of being shot

  8. I hate that UK hasn't beaten UT in football 26 years in a row - i'm not putting a link

  9. I hate  Pat Summit too, since I hate women's basketball

  10. I hate that we have to play in Knoxville tomorrow
 Feel free to add your own reasons...

Our man in Washington

Perfect game thrower Jim Bunning continues to fight the good fight on our behalf in the Senate. While trying to stop the Socialist Hoard from extending unemployment coverage, he was sure to point out that his God given right to watch Wildcat Basketball was being infringed upon.
Thank you for your service Senator Bunning and may God help us in your absence.

Profie: The Man In Back, Jared Carter "Cash"

The man, myth, and highly recruited legend himself - Jared Carter. I recently sat down and had a fake conversation with Carter (aka read his Twitter page @JDotCarter).
If you want more information on JDot, check out his stats for the 4 games he played this year. At the time of this interview he had been called back up to the Ants, but he was later cut again.
MM: Jared, how's it hanging from up there man?
JDOT: Call me JDot
MM: Sorry, JDot how's it hanging?
JDOT: Dude, its sweet. I got signed to play for the NBA this year.
MM: NBA or the NBA-D League?
JDOT: Why you hating? ... Joe Crawford taught me to say that. He said its what the cool kids say in school.
MM: Sorry, but hey you signed the Fort Wayne Mad Ants right?
JDOT: Yeah, its awesome. Those old ladies get all dressed up, and they're screaming mad. I don't know, but they wear shirts that says I'm Your Mean Sisters Mom and yell alot.
MM: Doesn't it suck to live and thus play in Indiana?
JDOT: No I don't play.
MM: Oh, sorry to hear that too.
b: And wait what do you mean I am playing in Indiana?
MM: Fort Wayne is in Indiana JDOT.
JDOT: Damn, I got played. See, they told me I was going to play in front of Hooters. I knew that old man's breast were too small
MM: They call everyone Hoosiers, not Hooters Jared. Its the same name they call the IU Basketball team.
JDOT: Its JDOT Fool. Besides I just said Hooters.
MM: JDOT, Sorry. How's the season going?
JDOT: I dont know, my mom said I'm getting cut
MM: Cut? Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. 
JDOT: Well its cool. I'm not sure where they're going to cut me yet though. I just hope its with a knife or somthing... I got a paper cut once and that sucked... I mean that was ill... Ramel taught me to say that.
MM: Oh, well I think getting cut means...
JDOT: Yeah, I haven't played a game since December, but mom said the schedule is just really crazy. Apprently the season might be over.
MM: No, I think it means...
JDOT: Yeah, I'm kinda sad. At UK coach Billy Clyde threw Pop-Tart parties at the end of the year. He even let Praire Dog Stevenson eat a whole box!
MM: Jared, I thought that was a punishment.
JDOT: No, it was a party. I know it because Coach was drinking, people only drink at parties.
MM: Alright Jared, well take care and thanks for your time.
JDOT: Its JDOT... and don't forget to be checking my rhymes. .

Paybacks are Hell: Trinity

82-61 was the final score in the University of Kentucky's revenge game against South Carolina. It was a beat down that the Gamecocks must have known was coming. Despite Devan Downey's effort (but 9-25 from the field? Come on!), the combination of DeMarcus Cousins (19 points, 11 rebounds) and the reemerging Patrick Patterson (23 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks) proved too much to handle for the 'Cocks.
The inside game for Kentucky was completely dominant the entire time, that was part of the reason that the Cats shot 50% for the game. They completely out muscled their opponents on the boards and out hustled them for loose balls, something they didn't do the first time around.
The only thing that concerns me is their lack of shooting accuracy from behind the arc. They were 3-11 last night. One three from Patterson, one three from Miller and one garbage three from Liggins at the end of the game that he had to put up because the shot clock was running out. I don't think it will be that big of a deal come the Big Dance if they keep maintaining their inside dominance.
Finally, words cannot express how glad I am that we will never have to see Devan Downey face the Big Blue ever again. Every time that guy hit a shot I cringed. I can't stand him. I hope his short ass never gets a minute in the NBA. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Go Cats, beat the Vols!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LIVE BLOG: South Carolina @ Kentucky

Yiggy Yes Yallin'

Bumblebee and some homeless guy with a guitar do the John Wall Dance. They are "Shakin' haters off like a rodeo" and "floatin' over phonies"...

Leave Tiger Alone!

I'm just kidding. While I don't feel that Tiger should give me or anyone else not named Mrs. Tiger Woods an apology, I think that since he is a public figure his personal life, if made public by his own screw ups, is fair game.

On that note: enter Howard Stern. Ironically, Lance and I were discussing in the gym this morning how Stern had not been in the news much lately since he went to satallite radio and reducing his audience tremendously. Howard has just emerged from irrelevancy by securing hosting duties in the greatest beauty pageant of all time.

I think that Tiger needs to be a part of this. He could provide insight on bedroom habits and rituals, which of them whines too much, which one is the most intellectual, which one putts from the rough etc...
I also am wondering what the competions will be. I am sure there will be the traditional swim suit competition along with bannana eating, who is the most convincing at acting like they actually care about a person with loads of cash, who has slept with more husbands, who has slept with the most famous person not named Tiger Woods.
I relly hope the Perkins waitress competes. I would love to hear that story.

Don't get Too stoked tonight...

When Kentucky gets revenge for their only loss of the season, and the little cock Devan Downey gets put in his place, please don't get too stoked. It can be dangerous.

Report: Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked

Admiral Ackbar is the new Ole Miss Rebel

Ole Miss might become my second favorite team in the SEC if this actually happens. "It's a Trap!"

Four Movies I Saw This Month

Zombieland - the part with Bill Murray is funny, but other than that I couldn't figure out what all the hype was about.
Moon - one of the better movies I've seen in a while. You figure out what is going on about half way through the movie but I was not disappointed.
Law Abiding Citizen - Gerald Butler as a vengeful inventor trying to take down Jamie Fox and the entire Philadelphia justice department.
Surrogates - easily the worst Bruce Willis film ever made, possibly the worst film ever made.

Kurt Russel's Hair News

With the rematch of USC and Kentucky tonight, here are some links to other interesting articles

Freedom Hall.... we hardly knew ya

Seeing as how the Cardinal birds only have one game remaining in historic Freedom Hall, I thought it appropriate to share some memories of the old place. In no particular order, here are the 10 strongest memories I have of time I spent in Freedom Hall (please add your own):

2003-ish Being escorted out of a Kid Rock concert for defending the honor of a lady.
2005 Worked concession stand with wife to be to raise money for her trip to Belize.
2004 Sat 4th row for Metallica concert
2004 Helped James Streble to his feet 10 times during said Metallica concert. Most memorable was the time he fell under a row of urinals that were in use.
1987-2009 Remarking, “It smells like shit in here.” upon entering the building during the state fair.
2005-ish After eating a superb meal, bore witness to Stephen King and Donavan melting faces from a thousand paces. Some dude named Mellancamp was there as well.
2005 Discovered firsthand just how lame Monster Truck rallies really are.
1992-1993 Had my picture taken with Clifford Rozier while serving as ball boy for UofL’s men’s team.
1994 Sat with Barry Northern when he walked behind the Louisville bench, tapped Beau Zach Smith on the shoulder and said, “You’re in.” Beau Zach ran to the scorers table before getting chewed out by a confused Denny Crum.
1993 Watched Horace Grant lead the Chicago Bulls to victory over the Washington Bullets in an NBA exhibition game. Jordan was playing baseball, Pippen was injured, and I was pissed.

People from Indy are stupid

There is an article on NFL Fanhouse about some Indy fans alleging that Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne intentionally lost the super bowl to the Saints. Some fans say the interception to Tracy Porter was intentional (Peyton must have called his fans and confessed) while others seem to think that Manning did it subconciously (they must be dialed into Peyton's subconcious). And being that Reggie Wayne was the intended receiver (he's from New Orlean's too- oh shit!) this must be a conspiracy. Here's how the thinking goes: Peyton has a super bowl victory, Eli has a super bowl victory, and now Peyton has given his dad, Archie, a super bowl victory (it should be noted that Archie will not be getting a ring nor will his name be listed anywhere with the Saints who won the super bowl). If you don't buy the Archie angle, try this: Peyton, right before he threw the interception, was too busy being guilted by his subconcious to give the game to the Saints because of "what the people of New Orleans have been through." I'm sure that during the hours upon hours of preparation he put into this game, Hurricaine Katrina was looming in the back of his mind. And to think all this time I thought James was a bad UK fan.

Cat fight? God I hope so...

If anyone is following the Winter Olympics, and as the ratings indicate over half the country is, then last night you saw the drama that ensued. Americans Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso were set to run the giant slalom back to back when tragedy occurred.

Vonn was skiing at an amazing paces and was set to beat the current leader, some Austrian broad. All of a sudden Lindsey lost her balance, slid and crashed into a barrier. It was nasty spill and Vonn looked badly hurt. She ended up with a broken finger instead of the broken neck I initially thought she suffered.

One minute after Vonn had already started her run, Mancuso took off. Mancuso was flagged to stop halfway through her run because of Vonn's accident. Not knowing what had happened, Mancuso looked angry and confused. She later discovered that Vonn had slid off and road back up the hill on an ATV and did the run over. The second run was not pretty. She finished 18th for the day.

Mancuso followed the run by crying like a baby on international TV. She then tweeted this:
"i was flagged in gs, that is (expletive)! well now its time to use that anger and fight scnd run!"

Not that big of a deal, right? Well maybe. Apparently she was made to delete the tweet by the IOC in fear of being fined for criticizing officials. Also, ever since Vonn's extremely hot SI cover shot, Mancuso has been criticising Voon for being a Prima Donna and stealing the spotlight from the other skiers.

I would love to see these two in a no holds barred cat fight on pay-per-view. It would be awesome. Vonn is smokin' and Mancuso is not too bad on the eyes either. I think it would outdraw the ratings from the Olympics. On second thought, why not make that an olympic event? Olympic ladies cat-fighting! What females would you like to see compete in this event?

Note to reader: I know that this is an extremely sexist and misogynistic post. So sue me.

Paybacks are Hell: Part Deux

The time is finally upon us where the Wildcats can claim revenge for their only loss of the season, handed to them by the South Carolina Gamecocks. As many of you can guess the players are pretty hyped up about this game and are wanting to get some payback. So, out of the players on the team who was the most vocal about this? The controversial DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins? No. The fiery Eric Bledsoe? Nope. The uber competitive John Wall? Nuh-uh. The bombastic Coach Cal? Not even close. Who was it then? The quiet, polite and hard working Daniel Orton.
When asked by Brett Dawson of the Courier Journal if revenge is a factor Orton replied, "I have to say it is, yeah. I think so because the fact that they beat us before, and of course you want to get them back more than anything."
When pressed about Devan Downey's performance, Orton sounded chippy: "Down there, we couldn't even really touch him, to tell you the truth. Everything we did to him was a foul." Uh-oh. This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the 'Cocks. If they have one of the more conservative guys on the team this fired up they better watch out.
There are a couple of things, other than a humiliating loss to an inferior team while being #1 for a day, that will drive the Cats even more. The letter from USC's student government claiming superiority and Devan Downey motioning to the crowd to storm the court after the loss. Devan didn't know that while beckoning the 'Cock faithful that he was beckoning the ire of the #2 in the nation.
Don't think for a second that the Cats have not been thinking about this for the past few months. In roughly 13 hours both teams will take the floor and all the talk and posturing will become meaningless. Talent and the will to win will be the only thing that matters.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magee: Dayman fighter of the Knight man

"Excuse me photographer while I step on your face on my way to the top"

Champion of the most winning record in men's basketball history

Adolph Rupp , Dean Smith, Bobby Knight and now Herb Magee. Herb Magee ---which sounds more likely to be a name I might have given a woman dancing atop Bar Louisville during a drunken college stupor. Given that I talked to said woman, woman asked my name, and I was able to speak coherent sentences in drunken state - none of which were ever guaranteed--- is now the winningest men's basketball coach in history.
Knight became the winnings coach in men's basketball history, when the Red Raiders defeated the New Mexico Lobos, 70–68 on January 1, 2007. Tonight, just three years later he is dethroned after, the tough Philadelphia University Rams win over Goldey-Beacom College puts Magee in first. Who is this Goldey-Beacom other than the answer (or question if it's jeopardy style) to some off the wall trivia question at your neighborhood trivia night?

Goldey-Beacom College... you know:
Location: Delaware
Student Population: 1600
Mascot: Lightning
Features: Apartment-style residence halls on an extremely safe suburban campus. A must have if you ask any of those Tennessee Volunteers students.

So Congratulations coach Magee. Keep up the mediocre work for the mediocre school and setting your name in record books with those mediocre names - you know the ones people know from the schools people actually know. Although, I am glad the record no longer belongs to UNC or Texas Tech/IU coaches anymore.

The One that Got Away

I realize that newcomer to the scene Charlie Strong has done one heck of a recruiting job at the University of Louisville, and Joker Phillips is doing a rather stellar job of recruiting top talent himself at the University of Kentucky. However, it seems that both coaches have dropped the ball on one of the premier Wide Receivers for the 2010 season. I'm not sure how a player of this caliber was overlooked and it seems that he was totally off the radar of both coaches.

Both Strong and Phillips seem to be recruiting hard in the Southeast, so maybe it is due to the fact that this kid was out West that he was missed. I'm pretty sure that Steve Kragthorpe would have been all over this guy were he still recruiting at U of L. So before I keep ranting about this subject, take a look at surefire future Hall of Famer, Mike Nobler!

Kornheiser: Interrupted

Tony Kornheiser, co-host of the popular ESPN show Pardon the Interruption, has been suspended by ESPN for detrimental remarks towards Sportscenter anchor lady Hannah Sotrm. I don't think it is that big of a deal. Actually I agree with him and think that what he said is HILARIOUS! The outfit has been posted above the picture of Kornheiser in a tuxedo, a top hat and in front of a barrel full of cash.

Hannah is a little too old to be strutting around in her outfit but she isn't bad for being over 40. Which leads me to this question: Barring Erin Andrews, who are the hotties that you like to see on ESPN? Let's compile a list and I will rank them from 1-10 in a future post.

Let's talk about Brett Favre...

Paybacks are Hell

Revenge is a dish best served cold- Old Klingon Proverb
Act I: It started on February 20, when the Lady Cats routed the Lady 'Cocks 71-50 at Memorial Coliseum. Thursday night in Lexington will be Act II: the Cats will be on ESPN again to avenge their loss to South Carolina from earlier this season. We were #1 in the land for only a day. We made t-shirts for that accomplishment, damn it! When the Cats went down, some poor soul in the Appalachian Mountain range of Eastern Kentucky put that shirt in his closest, next to the one that Said, "Pitino's Bombinos" on the front, never to be worn again.
So what has to happen for history not to repeat? A couple of things in my humble opinion: A). They need to get PatPat the ball. He needs more than the 5 points and 2-4 field goals he had the first time around.
B). Hustle, Hustle, Hustle! It seemed that USC came up with every loose ball on the floor. They were also flying in like Batman to rip away rebounds that clearly should have been in the hands of a UK player. There needs to the tenacity and the sense of urgency that sometimes has eluded the Cats in spots this season.
C). Big Cuz needs to be Big Cuz. There is nobody on that team that can match up with Boogie. The man had a double-double and 27 points. Enough said.
D). John Wall needs to show that he is THE point guard in the SEC. I am sure The Great Wall has heard enough about Devan Downey's performance (which Monster Mash noted as being overrated. Point well taken). Wall had 19 points on 6-16 fg's and 2-3 from 3 land along with 5 from the line. Very good stats but I think his killer instinct is going to be finely honed for this performance.
E.) Let Downey get his if he wants. Shut the rest of the team down. Raley-Ross added 17 to Downey's 30. Raley-Ross was the only 'Cock in double-digits other than Downey. It would be nice to see only one of their players scoring in double digits.
There you have it. The keys to victory. I think Cal will have his team focused and fired up come Thursday night. My prediction: Cats 75-'Cocks 58.

They are who we thought they were: Thursday Night preview with USC.

The South Carolina Gamecocks march into February a mere 14-12 on the season. The lone spotlight on their January 26th win versus then #1 ranked UK. That stupid SANDSTORM song still blares in my head along with Jimmy Dikes hyping up a 9-29 shooting 30% and 30pt Devon Downey "ALL WORLD" performance.

Coming into Thursday game, USC is sporting a 3 game losing streak and lost 4 of 5. Including a spanking by Tennessee, loss to Georgia, and Arkansas. However, the 'Cocks haven't lost to Kentucky since March 5, 2008. That's 3 in a row. The 'cocks have decreed student reforendums, sent letters to UK student council, and ruined our perfect record and got a bit too cocky.

Thursday feels different. The main reason, this one's at Rupp. Being at the games this year just feels different than the last two times South Carolina has come knocking. Vandy, Tennessee, and Florida were guest this year and all left with their heads hung and egos in check. Expect a 'Rock'us crowd to "come back to Rupp Arena" and a double digit victory.

The key to the game, guard defense. Don't let anyone other than Downey get the ball. Kentucky let other players get involved and burn us in the first meeting. Let Downey shoot 30 shots with 30% FG, they can win. Just don't let other players contribute.

The crowd will help put a damper on the dandy Downey. 78-68 UK, perfect home season in tact, and a long 40 minutes for the 'Cocks.

Elliptical Machine

I guess this blog is about anything exept for NASCAR, so here is something. My brother was looking for an elliptical machine on craigs list and found this one ( in Sheperdsville. First of all, the guy selling it sounds mad because he bought it 2 years ago, and his girlfriend has used it less than ten times. But the best part is the picture of the machine with her in the background, on the couch, as far away from it as possible. She may have read this woman's story and decided that the only way to be safe is to grow massive love handles.

Proof is in the Pudding

There it is:  Proof hat the University of Louisville desperately wants to be like UK. I applaud this frat for doing something good for humanity but I give them a D- for the lack of creativity. I love seeing UofL doing the John Wall dance.

Monroe and Freeman Make the Road to the NCAA a Little Tougher for the Cards

The Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team came out firing in the first half. Edgar Sosa looked like Steve Nash, cutting to the basket and popping threes. Jared Swopshire looked like Dennis Rodman, snagging scrappy rebounds left and right. Everything that Louisville put up seemed to go in the basket. They were shooting a little over 50% while the Georgetown Hoyas were shooting a little over 30%. But there was a storm brewing. At the half, a deficit that had once been as much as 16-5 had been cut to 35-29 and Georgetown was winning the battle of the boards. This did not bode well for the Cards, who started both Samardo Samuels and Terrence Jennings for one of the few times this season. Monroe was already in double digits in points and was inching closer to double digit rebounds.
And then Junior guard Austin Freeman decided to go Devan Downey on Louisville. With only 5 points in the first half, Freeman put up an electrifying 24 points in the second half. Monroe ended up with 16 points and 14 rebounds to go along with 5 assists. The Hoyas found weakness in the middle, as many teams with strong centers have done all year, and ran much of their offense through Monroe.
Louisville missed some wide open shots and the team that took the floor in the second half looked nothing like the red-hot team that started the game. Senior guard Edgar Sosa ended up with 24 points, leading the Cards. Senior Jerry Smith took the night off again and Samardo Samuels decided to reserve his best games for when he plays teams that don't have a center. Terrence Jennings contributed 4 points in the 16 minutes played.
Another aspect that hurt the Cards is that Samuels made it to the charity stripe once and was 1-2 from the line. That pales in comparison to the monster night he had against the Haringodiless Irish the last time he played at Freedom Hall. As I emphasized yesterday, he needs to be the go to guy and he doesn't seem to have it when it comes to playing marquee big men.
UConn looms next on Sunday. A tough away game for two teams fighting to make it into the Big Dance. The fight continues and the road just got a little tougher.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Judgement Week

"Judgement Week" on ESPN, can someone please explain wtf Judgement Week is? I realize that March is near which could spell the end for some teams... but really Judgement Week? The bubbles burst and fill up faster than Joe Landardi's internet ink can dry. Last week was Rivalry Week and the closest thing to a rivalry on the family of networks seems to be the UCLA vs Washington game in the PAC 10. Which that conference may just want to hide, seeing as they are on track for 1 NCAA bid this year. Maybe that game should have been during Judgement week instead.

The Kentucky @ Vanderbilt game was during Rivalry Week along with UK Mississippi St. neither of which should be considered a rivalry, considering the UK Vandy games would have been laughed at 3 years ago. This was circa 2006 BC (that's B.efore Billy C.lyde Gillespie) when Vanderbilt hadn't won in Rupp in 20 or 30 years and UK fans thought the world was over when losing to Vandy that first time.

So this Big Monday, Super Tuesday, Wednesday Night Hoops, Thursday Night Showcase, and Saturday Primetime are the same as any other, except its JUDGEMENT WEEK. My question is when will 'plain ol Friday' be back?

I friggin hate hockey but...

Ryan Miller's mask is freaking bad ass. I credit it alone for the win over Canada. By my count the buff Uncle Sam graphic blocked 20 shots on goal.
These colors don't run.

Time for Boomer to Hit the Road

As many of you may or may not know I absolutely loathe Chris "Boomer" Berman. He has been on ESPN since it's inception in 1979 and has been the host of the popular NFL Sunday Countdown program since 1985. He is best known for his catchphrases, "He could...go...all...the..way!", "WOOOAAAP!", "Rumblin', bumblin', stumblin'" and "BACKBACKBACKBACKBACKBACK...GONE!". He is also known for his ridiculous nicknames (Hank "a tisket, a tasket" Basket") for players and the infamous "You're with me Leather" incident.

You are probably asking yourself, "Hey Boogiewoogie! Why do you have to be such a hater? This guy seems like he is fun loving and kind of a pimp. What gives?" Well, I'll tell you what gives! This guy adds nothing of substance to the shows that he is a part of. He adds not one shred of insight to the games or the players. He sits there with his bad tan and even worse comb over and spews his verbal diarrhea that is made up of his dumb and tired out phrases and nicknames.

And what is with this guys voice? One minute he speaks normal like you or I would. Then, all of a sudden, he sounds like a constipated version of Estelle Getty.

This guy only works during the NFL season, which is not even half the year. He may call one or two MLB games a season and he does the play by play for the Home Run Derby (which is why I usually skip that All Star spectacle). He reportedly makes $600,000 to $1,000,000 annually. Way overpaid if you ask me. This guy works a total of five full months of the year.

And let us not forget his bad language filled tirade against his crew in NFL Countdown. It ranks up there with Bill O'Reilly (second only to Christian Bale). He is a pompous jackass and a buffoon. I like real analysis from the likes of Mike Ditka, Chris Carter, Jaws, John Gruden, Brian Billick and Phil Simms. These guys have played and coached in the professional ranks. They aren't some hack with a history degree that thinks he is funny and clever.

And where in the hell did the nickname "Boomer" come from anyway? The pansy doesn't play football, he doesn't play baseball or any other sport that I can tell. He is probably one of those guys that gave it to himself to look cool. I can see it now: "Hey, Tom Jackson. I've come up with an idea to make my name sound more like a football player."
"Really, how?"
"Call me Boomer on TV from now on."
"Yeah, dips*!t! Boomer!"
"Isn't Boomer Esiesen the only real Boomer?"
"F*** that guy! That clown played for the Jets and Bengals! I'm gettin' paid and gettin' laid!"

So, in closing, Chris Berman blows.

SportsThat Fans of the Day

Cubs win! Cubs Win!

After another upheavel of good teams in the Big East last night, UConn came one step closer to a Invite to the NCAA Tournament. As a Kentucky fan, this win was key for us for two reasons:

1) RPI - UConn getting better increases Kentucky's wins against good teams.
2) West Va. Loses - WVa was one team that could have stolen away UK's #1 seed should something terrible happen in the next 4 games and the SEC Tournament.

I still don't know if I can find room to cheer for the Cards to beat Syracuse for the same reasons as above. I think all of the late upsets and remaining schedule come down to the UL vs UConn game. The game will be key for both teams and I think the winner goes dancing while the loser goes home (for an NIT game).

Also, early spread yesterday had Louisville a +2 favorite over Georgetown. Granted, this is early, and these lines change quicker than Curt's sexual orientation, but what are your thoughts? Who do you have your money on?

The Long Hard Road to the NIT?

While everyone knows what side I stand on as far as the UK/UL argument (UK) I will try to be as objective as I can in this blog. Again, I will TRY to be objective.
Let us break down the last four opponents on the schedule for the Cardinals his year. Each team that they play are pretty much already in the NCAA tournament (except for UConn) and they are each trying to make a strong case for a high seed. Let's dissect these teams one by one.
Georgetown: The Hoyas stand at 18-7 as of right now. They play at Freedom Hall tonight tonight at 7:00 p.m.
Quality Wins: Washington, Pittsburgh, Villanova
Bad Losses: South Florida, Rutgers
If Georgetown beats Louisville tonight and wins the rest of their remaining games they will get a double by in the Big East Tournament and strengthen their case for a 3 or a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. Their remaining schedule is rife with tough opponents such as WVU, Notre Dame and Cincy. Look for them to prove something on the road in a hostile environment. They provide tough guard play and future NBA draft pick Greg Monroe at center. Samuels has had trouble throughout his career matching up well with quality big men.
UConn: The Huskies were a Final Four team last year and are firmly on the bubble this year. Their record stands at 17-11.
Quality Wins: Texas, Villanova, West Virginia
Bad Losses: Michigan, Providence, Cincinnattie (twice)
This team is on life support. They have had a tumultuous season with the extended absence and then return of head coach Jim Calhoun due to health reasons. They have talent in the guard spots with senior Jerome Dyson and sophomore Kemba Walker. Gavin Edwards provides a solid inside presence but is not what one would call a traditional dominant center. The Cards dispatched of the Huskies earlier this season at Freedom Hall but expect a much tougher UConn team on the road with everything on the line. This team is already playing in a one and done mode.
Marquette: The Golden Eagles are 17-9 and are a solid bid in the NCAA tourney at the moment. This is one of the most underrated teams in the Big East and they have quietly compiled a quietly strong record. The Cards have them at Marquette on 3/2.
Quality Wins: Xavier, Georgetown
Bad Losses: NC State, Depaul, Florida State
While their quality wins are not overwhelming, the Golden Eagles put together an impressive 5 game winning streak earlier this season in the Big East only to be broken by a 7 point loss at home against Pitt. They are coming off an overtime win at Cincy. This is the closest team to Louisville that the Cards have on their remaining schedule. They really don't have any one player that can totally overwhelm you and they are capable of playing really well or extremely poor. They play in a great home environment. This would be a huge win for Pitino and his boys.
Syracuse: The 'Cuse are 25-2 and have already suffered a loss at the hands of the Cards at The Carrier Dome in front of 31,000 frenzied Orangemen and Orangewomen. This was a monumental upset on a weekend of other monumental upsets (please reference Rutgers over Gtown).
Quality Wins: They have beaten every team they have played except two of them. This includes Villanova, West Virgina, Marquette, Georgetown and a host of others.
Bad Losses: That stupid exhibition game that doesn't count and Louisville (Yes it was a BAD loss. They were at home against an unranked team that just came off a game where they were blown out against a terrible St. John's team. Go cry to someone else about how it wasn't a bad loss.)
This would be (possibly) the final game at Freedom Hall. The 'Cuse stand at #4 in the land and could be higher depending on what Kansas, Kentucky and Purdue do (haha, due-do) in the coming weeks. They bring with the sharp shooter (and detestable pretty boy) senior guard Andy Rautins. This guy has come up big for the Orange all year. With no true center they play with a formidable forward rotation with the likes of Mookie Jones, Wesley Johnson and the sometimes beastly Arinze Onuaku.
Pitino seems to have Jimmie B's number as Louisville has defeated them in 5 straight games. The 2-3 zone is far from lock down and if Louisville is shooting well ( I am looking at you Delk and Marra. Smith, just continue sucking as long as it is on the bench) they can pull off another huge upset.
The game tonight at Freedom Hall will be very telling. If the Cards play like they can be capable of ( W vs. Syracuse) instead of the lazy way that they are prone to (St. John's, Western Carolina, Charlotte) then I think the Cards get a big win at home. They need this game for the Big East Tournament draw but so do the Hoyas. I look for a nasty, hard fought Big East rumble. So, what is my prediction? This as unbiased as I can be: Louisville loses by 7. I think Georgetown has more talent and has been the better team all year. If Louisville loses here I look for them to lose at UConn, win at Marquette and lose against Syracuse at home. And barring a Big East Tournament Championship they will miss the NCAA's and play some more NIT games at Freedom Hall.
Discuss amongst yourselves. Agree, disagree or just flat out hate. An OP-ED piece on Chris Berman is forthcoming this afternoon.

Monday, February 22, 2010

News and Reviews

The original man known as Boogie

The first news you can find on the site, as we know James' profession to do litereary justice isn't news and won't happen.
  • Tickets to this years NCAA Tournament are going fast and prices are reflecting the demand. Apparently last years teams didn't draw the attention as this years projected teams (not even confirmed) and Kentucky is getting the 'blame' or 'credit' depending if you have tickets or not($160/ticket compared to $78/ticket last year) .
  • Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins helps the Kentucky freshmen set another record in the SEC this year
  • Speaking of Boogie, it looks like the Cards have their own version.  And although I dont think we are talking about James' pen name, it certainly maybe the case.
  • And for those of you that may be attending, it looks like Card fans need to be are "encouraged" to wear red to the regular season (and maybe entire season) finale. 

The first

At Wayne's request, the SportsThat blog has begun. Feel free to post what you want. I dont expect any Barack Obama debates or HealthCare wars going on, but I'm confident that some UL vs UK pandemoniem will commence shortly.

There were two reasons I wanted to do this:
1) To Keep James (S)TrebleClef John (Like Wyclef John) from sending me anymore annoying emails about how much he loves UK and his dislikes for UL.
2) Because I heard of a blog over at and I think we can do much better.

Things I dont expect to find on this blog:
1) spelling
2) MMA, NASCAR (unless you're making fun of it or posting pictures of Danica Patrick), or any other horrible sport (unless its in the Olympics - then it rocks).

I guarantee we'll have more views in the first week than the 80 that is receiving.

Feel free to send me an email or anything else if you would like to publish something on the site (a kickass picture - or article of some relavance to the material posted).

Let the Fun Begin

Those of you that know me quite well understand that I love to have spirited debates about various issues. Although I am prone to sulk and pout if I am proven wrong or I am offended, I still enjoy a friendly argument. I also enjoy sending out emails to a select group of friends. These emails range from sports, to politics, to news of the weird; but they mostly have to do with the superiority/inferiority of the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

Hopefully this blog will give me the much needed space to air my rantings and wacko logic that tends to lean toward the Kentucky side of things. As an added bonus I can now rant and rave about sports topics of all kinds! For example: The New York Yankees represent all that is wrong with professional sports, hockey sucks, Kobe Bryant belongs in jail, Tiger Woods needs to apologize to his wife and not me, Danica Patrick needs to stick to her lame Internet commercials, Curt is stupid, Lindsay Vonn is hot, soccer is the most overrated sport of all time, boxing needs to make a major come back, Tyler Hansborough has forced himself on multiple people, and much more!

So, in closing, I am looking forward to the banter and the arguing. Let the mudslinging and the objective (laugh) journalism begin!