Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talkin' 'Bout Practice! Free Enes Style!

Raise your hand if you have had enough Enes Kanter rumors. Well, stay tuned for more! Kentucky Sports Radio is reporting that Kentucky will know tomorrow whether or not Enes can practice with the team. Now, get this straight: They will not be ruling on his over all eligibility for the upcoming season, just ruling on whether or not he can practice with the team until the eligibility issue is finalized.

Kanter has been ineligible to participate in practice recently. The rule is that a player can practice with their team for 45 days while the NCAA looks into his case. Kanter's time limit was up about a week ago and UK appealed to the NCAA to extend his time. The NCAA will give that ruling tomorrow. Allegedly. We all know how this goes. We hear that there is going to be big news and then BAM! Nothing happens. And I doubt that the ruling will have any bearing on if and when he joins the team for the season.

This ruling is extremely important. If he cannot practice then he will not be able to participate in the Big Blue Madness activities but he will be in attendance. It will definitely bring down the hype a notch if Big Enes is not allowed to practice in front of the fans.

Stay tuned for MORE Kanter news as it is made available.

Special Not to Pete Thamel:

Dear Thamel,

You are a doucher. Why haven't you made a big deal about Jim Calhoun and UConn, Bruce Pearl and Tennesssee, Kansas and Josh Selby? The UConn and Pearl incidents have actually been proven to be NCAA VIOLATIONS! Josh Selby is not eligible to practice JUST LIKE ENES KANTER! Why don't you quit with the UK exclusive witch hunt and start focusing on other transgressions that are going on right in front of your face?

Yours Truly,

Boogiewoogie and the Big Blue Nation

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