Monday, October 25, 2010

Pete Thamel Corrected. Sort of

A photo of Pete Thamel on his childhood boyscout trip.
The New York Times printed a correction of a Pete Thamel article written about Enes Kanter but it's not really all that big of a deal. He attributed a quote made by Enes' dad about his little brother to Enes Kanter. In the long run it doesn't really help or hurt the #FreeEnes cause.

My question is this: why did the NYT not correct the quotes that Thamel lied about that dealt with a Duquence assistant coach that knew and trained Kaner? Those quotes were severely incriminating against him and were far more serious than the quote from Kanter's dad about a kid being smart and making good grades.

I am guessing that the NYT has been overtaken by letters from the Big Blue Nation and have had negative publicity due to Thamel being a lying prick, falsifying quotes, not using an interpreter, slandering a 19 year old's name by calling him stupid and being an over-all douche bag. They had to throw the angry masses a bone and I guess this is it. Too bad it doesn't make up for the rest of Thamel's jack-assery, which is a lot.

And if you can't tell I have strong feelings about this.


  1. That correction is actually pretty funny. The guys at the NYT have a sense of humor. They apologized for leading us to believe Enes was really smart and a good student.