Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Weekend Recap

#ULfightclub is about to be all the rage. Read below. Have Fun. Project Mayhem.

I want to savor this weekend one more time. A lot of great things happened. Here's the highlights and then a taste of what's to come:

  • Let's start with Big Blue Madness. Enes Kanter's "UnderKanter" (yes KSR, you can have that one too) entrance was awesome. I was hoping that the next thing we all saw was the Instanbull running the floor with his teammates, but alas he was sitting on the bench, still at the mercy of the NCAA. The rest of the night was nothing more than a glorified scrimmage but it was tons of fun to watch.

  • The Cards suffered a tough loss to old Conference USA and current Big East Rival Cincinnati. I saw something at the Pizza Box that I hadn't seen in a while: Enthusiasm. I am finding it harder and harder to hate on Charlie Strong and the football Cards. They play hard and are in every game. I think the UK/UofL football rivalry is about to go up a notch. Can't say I have the same affection for the bball team. More on that in a bit...

  • The Cats finally pulled out a victory against a top 10 SEC opponent. Mike Hartline finally quieted all of his critics (including this one) by having a masterful national player of the week nominee performance. It was a long time coming for him and I am super happy for the guy.

  • Cobb took some heat for lashing out at UK fair weather fans. It's ok Randall, we still love you. Can't say the same for Red Lobster.

  • UofL basketball hit another low by accepting woman beater/spine crusher Tony Woods. Sportsthat has started a #ULfightclub campaign. Feel free to join in while the hilarity ensues! I'm sure Sticky Ricky is reading them and having a laugh or two.

It's about midway through football season. Let's see how I'm doing as far as my record. I had UK at 5-2 and they are 4-3. My final prediction is 8-4. I still have life. As for the CardsI had them at 2-4 and they are currently 3-3. I have them at 4-8 in the end, but I think they will do a little better than that.

This weekend we have two home games. UofL will be hosting UConn and the Cats will be hosting Georgia. I will have predictions on Friday as usual.

Go Cats. Free Enes. #ULfightclub

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