Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Late Night Basketball Notes

If you were eating or drinking something when you saw this, I am sorry.

It's not that late but I'm bored as I wait for the new episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to come on so I decided to blog a bit. I know football is in mid season but it's always good to double dip into other sports and college basketball news has been abundant in the last few days.

  • Bruce "Manboobs" Pearl has been working at Tennessee for the past couple of months without a contract. Pearl's contract was terminated the day before he went public with the NCAA infraction allegations that he broke rules while recruiting. And by that I mean he invited recruits to his house, took pictures with them and then lied about it to the NCAA. UT is reworking his deal but it is for less money and he may not ever see it.

  • UK has been voted #10 in the preseason coaches poll. Duke is again the #1 team and that pick seems unanimous across the board. This is the highest I have seen the Cats so I think this is the best preseason poll available. Louisville received 3 votes to be in the top 25. I didn't know Rick Pitino was allowed to vote three times.

  • Here is the story of Miller and Bello choosing Baylor over the Dirty Birds. What's funny is that the commitment of these tow brings them to #10. UK is still #1. Yes, the class is that damn good.

That's about all for now. Tomorrow I will have my usual Friday picks and a look at where the Cards and the Cats were this time last season to do a little comparison. Until then,

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