Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cobb sounds off after going off on South Carlina

He was upset last night and still had a little steam brewing this morning so Randall sounded off on UK fans
Randall Cobb is known for his passion for football, his leadership and his mesmerizing eyes. This morning Cobb decided to take his leadership to his fan base and let loose on the Kentucky Fair Weather fans.
@rcobb18: To all the fans: loved seein Yall come late, love hearing Yall tell us we suck during the game, love that we have to play against our......

@rocbb18: ...own fans too! Love that we can't pack the house when we play the #10 team in the nation...It means that much more to me. I love my...

@rcobb18: team! Brotherhood they got my back n I got they back. The rest of Yall can get ready for bball season!

@rcobb18: Don't say u support n do all those things! Yeah I'm level 9 deal w it!
The Twitter world was a buzz after the comments with Courier Journal Brett Dawson (@wildcats), KSR's Matt Jones (@kysportsradio) and my favorite Louisville radio sports personality Big EZ (@bigez) warning those fair weather fans to lock up their children and cover their eyes b/c Cobb was blowing off some steam and those fans were the brunt of his "opining".

Cobb did delete the above comments and then tweeted out the following:
@rcobb18: Not blaming all but Yall know who I'm talking abt- Yall know I love #bbn but something needed to be said

@rcobb18: To all the fans that has been true to this program throughout the years. Yall deserved a win like that last night! Let's keep it going.
Personally, I love to hear the Cobbelstone (you like?) let the fans know that this team gives all they have and he expects the same from the fans of the team. Fans would be calling for benching, scholarship revocation, and more if a player gave up on the team, so why not call out the fans when they give up.

After that crushing Auburn defeat last week, I wrote that it was a moral victory because it showed to me that Kentucky can play with anyone in the nation and that Kentucky fans can hold their team to a higher bar. The game last night surpassed those high expectations and broke a 3 game losing streak this season, 11 game losing streak to South Carolina, and 17 game losing streak to Steve Spurrier. With a game like that, Kentucky can now hold their fans to higher expectations and this is the first step.

I'm looking forward to next week and will fully expect another high caliber performance from the team and full support by the fans against a reeling Georgia squad.

Live it up tonight, then lets get ready to beat the Dawgs! Go Cats!

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  1. Totally agree with Cobb 100%. He and his teammates have been playing their guts out this season and some fairweather UK fans are pissing him off. Love his heart and desire!

    Come on Cats fans! What are we, Louisville fans or something???