Sunday, October 10, 2010

It goes on and on my friends...

"We are an 8-11 team, not 19-0", "We are young", "We have a lot to learn", "wow, how'd we win that"... etc, etc. Kentucky fans heard it all last year while John Calipari was on his soap box preaching just how horrible his band of misfit freshmen were. Those Wildcats that started 19-0, eventually lost in the Elite 8, had 5 first round NBA Draftees, and brought Big Blue Nation back to the forefront of college basketball.

Well, Coach Cal has brought out his tap dance shoes and top hat and started an early rendition of his song and dance routine from 2009-2010, lowering expectations for his young teamSportsNation reports on the 2010-2011 remix and talks of Cal's current verse and the lyrics he included.

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