Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blue and White Game: News and Notes

It's difficult to get pumped up for a scrimmage game but this is UK we are talking about here, so the BBN is plenty excited. 10,000 fans came to watch the new look Cats go head to head last night in a fast paced practice game. Here are some highlights:

-Brandon Knight continues to impress as he put up 37 points and was super efficient going 14-20 from the field. He was quick with the ball, made good decisions and put up some exciting oops to Terrence Jones. He had only 2 turnovers and is a superstar in the making.

-Another phenom in the making is fellow freshman Terrence Jones. Jones had 29 points and may prove to be THE acquisition on the team. He is super fast for his size and athletic to boot. He popped some three's and ran the court pace for pace with Knight. I tweeted last night that those two will be a force to be reckoned with the more time they have together. Sorry Washington.

-Eloy Vargas had a double-double and looked good in the beginning but was fatigued in the second half. I am guessing that this won't be a problem as they continue to condition and practice. He is big and has a decent perimeter shot.

-Jorts grabbed 26 boards but there was little defense in the end of the game. Hate to downplay it but I think all in all he was impressive.

-Jon Hood started slow but picked it up later. That was the most aggressive that I have seen him since he has been at UK.

-Liggins and Miller both looked good. Liggins struggled on the offensive side of things but was big time on defense and earned major hustle points.

-Doron Lamb had a nice game with 14 points and hisonfidence came along near the end of the game. He developed a late chemistry with Knight. Look for him to be the sixth man off the bench.

-The crowd in Rupp was chanting Free Enes as Kanter was sitting in the front row with an Undertaker shirt on. It brought a tear to my eye.

Again, this is just a scrimmage game. The first exhibition is Monday night against Pikeville. Te start of the actual season is only a few weeks away I hope the NCAA decides the fate of Kanter soon. It's not fair to him or his team to just let him sit around and twittle his thumbs. The team needs to know, one way or the other, before actual games begin. I am interested to see what Cal's rotation will be Monday night and what they intend to do with the only 10 players. Calipari said he plans on a 7 player rotation. These Cats better be in shape.

Onto other news:

  • The Heat got beat by the Celtics right out of the shoot. I thought this would happen. The Celtics are bigger, deeper and more experienced together. LeBron scored 31 in his Heat debut, DWade had 13 and Bosh had 8 points. The Celtics looked very good and led the entire game. Garnett looked healthy and years younger and had a double-double, Pierce had 19 points, Allen had 20, Rondo had an eye popping 17 assists and Shaq put up 9 points and 7 rebounds. The Heat will get better as the team meshes but their lack of size will hurt them going against Celtics and the Magic all season.

  • The Lakers struggled beating the Rockets in the other NBA game last night winning 112-110. Jerk Face Bryant had 27 but Pau Gasol was the star with 29 points and 11 rebound. Yao Ming had only 9 points in his return and will be working to get back into shape as the season continues.

  • UofL basketball FINALLY got some good news after months of bad luck. Most was self inflicted with the horrible press from Syphergate, Tony Woods and Rick Pitno's all around Jack Assery. But one thing I will say is that the Gorgui Dieng ruling is fair. He speaks 5 languages, got a 31 on his ACT and seems to be a good kid. I'm glad the NCAA reversed and did the right thing. Now we need to find out if he can actually play. Word on Dieng is that he has a lot of potential but is unpolished. Hopefully he will be able to show more heart and interest thanTerrence Jennings has shown his entire career.

That's all for now! As always: Free Enes!!!!

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