Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moss's Homecoming

"Ay Brett, I'm'a jus' run down the field an' you jus' throw it up and I'll go an' git it."

I know I'm probably a day late and a dollar short on this...but I don't get much sleep these days and thus my blogs may be a day or 2 late sometimes.

Anyway, in a blast from the past, Randy Moss is once again a Minnesota Viking. He told fans in a press conference to "Dig up your 84 jerseys, because this is gonna be a fun ride," or something close to that. I think he could be right.

Moss is still one of the most dangerous deep threats in the game, just ask Darelle Revis's hamstring. Meanwhile, after pulling that hamstring and sitting out the 2nd half, Revis had the audacity (or idiocity) to say that Moss "put the brakes on" in the 2nd half, as he was shut out by Revis' teammate Antonio Cromartie...I'm sure Cromartie enjoyed that. I know if I shut down a playmaker who my star teammate could not, I'd want him saying the guy "put the brakes on" instead of saying, "Cromartie really stepped up and shut him down, he's a good defender." Heck of a team player!

But I digress...the point of this article is how jacked up I am to see arguably one of the best QB's ever (hence my name on this blog) throw to--as I stated earlier--one of the best deep threats in the game today. I can't wait to see Brett just chuck one deep and Moss reel it in (hoping it isn't intercepted).

I have a friend who has always been a Moss fan, as well as a Favre fan, and I can remember when Randy initially got out of Minnesota, he was calling me salivating about his hopes that he would land in Green Bay so Favre could throw him the ball. I hope that dream hasn't come true too late in time, as it seems Brett might not be "all in" this season...

Ah well, here's to Monday Night's possible rematch of the "Slouch" Moss versus Darelle "hamstring" Revis.


  1. This will be interesting since there are reports coming out of Minny that Favre and Chilly are at it again. Two things will happen: 1). Moss is that threat that Favre is looking for and all will be well or 2). Moss adds fuel to the fire and everything explodes

    Woody Paige said today that Favre will quit midseason but he's an idiot

  2. I I said it just doesn't seem much like Brett's heart is there as it was last year...I think he was pressured into playing and really didn't want to this season. He'll stick it out I think, but he's definitely done after this year.