Monday, October 4, 2010

The sky is falling!

Favre4Ever touched on this a little yesterday, but I'll add my two cents. Another year, same result. You can substitute Ole Miss/Miss St/So. Carolina/Georgia/UT every year, and UK just can't beat them. Games like this are a dime a dozen if you're a Cat fan.
The interesting thing to me is that after 5 weeks, the perceptions of both U of L and UK have changed slightly. Cards fan remain optimistic after getting back to .500 on the season. We understand that this is a work in progress, but the Cards are getting better in certain areas each and every week. The potential for this team once the Big East season starts is exciting, due to the fact that they are getting better, and the strength of the conference is down this year.
On the flip side, a quick check of UK message boards, and you would think that the sky is falling. Two weeks ago, there was a large % of Cat fans who realistically thought that they could beat Florida AT the Swamp. After another disappointing loss to a very average Ole Miss team, Cat fans are starting to question everything from benching Hartline for Newton, why can't they stop anybody from running the ball, and whether Joker is the right man for the job.
Ultimately, the underlying issue with UK football is this: Every other school in the SEC puts Football ahead of Basketball except for Kentucky. And the big money guys at UK are fine with that, as long as they keep the perceived Basketball prestige where it's at. In fact, if you look at the Athletic Department budget for UK versus some of the other SEC schools (and U of L), they have more money to spend on facilities, coaches, and personnel. Why do they pay such high $$$ for Calipari but not get just as equal a successful football coach?
The last thing I'll mention is that the high level of arrogance that exudes from the Basketball program has trickled over to the Football team. This has helped contribute to the heightened (too high) expectations of the football Cats. Sure, the sun shines on a dog's ass every once in awhile (see LSU in 07, Georgia in 09), but the Cats shouldn't expect anything more than 7 wins in football, if even that.

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