Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Cats pt Deux

Sure, many of you watched the latest edition of the UK basketball team play in Canada. But as it was well documented, there was very limited Terrence Jones, no Enes Kanter, and no Eloy Vargas. So you didn't see much or any of many of the high impact Cats. Since they won't be able to play another International exhibition game for four years to display their latest talents, they got together for a little photo shoot. 

My thoughts, I'm still pretty sure Jarrod Polson is 12 and despite Enes being 6'9 or 6'10 he looks ginormous.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Randall Cobb Talks Louisville

Remember back early this summer when an unnamed UofL player threatened to break Cobb's legs? No? Well he sure does.

I've been blogging my butt of today but there has been sooooo much to get to. Rivalry week is huge, no need to explain anymore.

Here is a video of Cobb discussing the improved passing attack of the Cats and what he expects from Louisville. Highlights:

  • Louisville may be fast but not as fast as Strong's defenses at Florida.

  • The Cards will be more prepared than in the past.

  • The Cards will blitz and the O-Line is ready for it.

  • The rivalry is more heated now than in the past.

  • Hartline has more experienced receivers with play making abilities.

  • Cobb's eyes are green and mesmerizing. In a very masculine way.

Evan Daniels on UK's Kyle Wiltjer

Evan Daniels talks about how UK is back and better than ever with the commitment of Wiltjer, Davis, Teague and Gilchrist. Go. Big. Blue.

UofL fills a Hole with...Mark Jackson, Jr.?

This is the only picture I could find and I am not sure it is even him.

Who? Exactly. No, he is not the son of former NBA guard Mark Jackson...wait...yes, he is. There is nothing on him on Scout.com or Rivals.com. According to Jody Demling's Twitter he is coming as a walk-on.

In my estimation? Pitino is doing everything he can to fill holes (insert joke here). With Roburt Sallie and Justin Coleman out, the Cards are low on players. But high on STD's. In all seriousness: they are going to be awful. Inagural game in the new arena goes to Butler. Bank on it.

UK Depth Chart Musings

Here is the Kentucky depth chart for Saturday.

Time for some observations:

Quarterback- Hartline is starting. The back up position is listed as Morgan Newton OR Ryan Mossakowski. Reports out of Lex-Vegas say that Moss is close to overtaking Newton as the back up. I didn't believe them until I saw the actual depth chart. This is a story in the making. Moss may see the field.

O-Line- 15 deep. 3 deep at left tackle, 2 deep at center, right tackle and both guard positions. But can they block?

RB's- Moncell Allen is starting fullback but expect him to carry the rock from the tailback position. Locke=#1. Duh.

Wide Receivers- Top 2 WR's: Chris Matthews and La'Rod King. Aaron Boyd is listed behind King. That young man has a lot to prove for being a much hyped four star recruit. The WR position could be THE break out unit. If the ball gets to them.

D-End- DeQuin Evans has a load to carry.

D-Line- Ricky Lumpkin is the only returning starter. Luke McDermott is a former walk-on that now has scholarship. Can we say question mark?

LB-The only returning guy is Danny Trevathan and that makes me feel good. Trevathan will be big this year. The other guys? You got me. The loss of Micha Johnson may hurt big time. His replacement is Ronnie Sneed. He played in 11 games and recorded 10 tackles in 2009. Not bad.

D-Backs- Bailey, Burden and Guy=Fast, Fast and Fast

Kicker- Not Lonus. Tydlacka. Thank you, Jesus.

Cobb- The only position that he is listed at as being a starter is holder. Expect him to be with the first team offense in some capacity.

P.S. I put my depth chart story up before KSR and mine is more in depth. Just sayin'.

It's Kentucky Vs. Louisville Football Week!

I hate these signs. Crap or get off the pot.

September 4th is only a few days away and the anticipation is about to reach it's climax. Both teams have questions surrounding them and both teams have high expectations from fans. Both coach Joker Phillips and Charlie Strong gave less than stunning reviews to their respective teams after their final scrimmages. Both of them saying they were embarrassed at their performances and if they would have been playing in a real game then they would have lost. By a lot.

That's college coaching 101. Neither guy is going to say their team is going to beat the daylights out of the other and that they have the best bunch in the land. That would be stupid and just set fans up for a huge let down. Plus, they don't want their players getting egos and thinking they are world beaters.

Here are some observations for both teams:

  • For Kentucky to Win- It all starts and finishes with their offensive line. The guys up front are huge and deep (that's what she said) but inexperienced. There is only one returning starter but Joker Phillips said that they are the most improved bunch on the field. If they give Locke, Cobb and company holes and time to develop plays, Louisville's undersized defense could be exposed for some big gains.

  • For Louisville to Win- Their speed on defense could prove to be troublesome for the Cats offensive line. Strong will have to utilize the quickness and the blitz to try and create confusion. The UofL defensive front is way undersized but the linebackers and the defensive backs could be the difference maker.

  • Let's Talk Quarterbacks- Neither team is thrilled about the starting quarterback. Mike Hartline and Adam "Abe" Froman are not what one would call "fan favorites". Hartline has the edge in experience in the series. He is 2-0 as a starter and 3-0 as a Wildcat. Froman was, how can we put this lightly, terrible, awful, bad last year. The difference is that the Cats are deep at QB. If Hartline struggles then Morgan Newton can come in and be very effective. Randall Cobb also runs plays at QB and has a decent arm as well. The Cards, not so much. Burke stinks, Stein is short and Dominique Brown may be the wave of the future but he is a freshman. Don't expect him to play a lot but expect him on the field. I think UofL wants him to be their Cobb. Also, expect to see Newton in the game regardless if Hartline looks like Dan Marino. Also expect to see A TON of Cobb in the Wildcat.

  • Running Backs? We both got 'em. In Spades- If there is one position that both teams are deep and experienced it is at the running back position. The Cats have the super fast senior Derrick Locke with his break away speed. They also have bruiser Moncell Allen and a sophomore that has been turning heads since spring practice, Donald Russell. Cobb also runs running back in the Wildcat formation. For Louisville expect Bilal Powell and Victor Anderson to split carries. Don't believe me? Charlie Strong has stated as much and called Powell, "the face of Cardinal football". But, as I stated earlier, the offensive lines will be the key. UK has 15 bodies while the Cards have only 10. UK gave up the least amount of sacks last season in the SEC with 4 starters gone but most of the group at least played in a game last year. Louisville's O-Line gave up the most sacks in the Big East last year with a higher number returning.

  • Emotional Edge?-Ok, we have all heard it. The Cards are going to be fired up. First game for Strong, first game in the new expanded stadium, Cardinal Strong statements plastered all around town. But it's not like UK won't be fired up either. It's Joker's turn as head coach and this game means more to him than it does for Strong. Joker has worked just as hard to get where he is and he expects just as much out of his players. It's not like Strong has the market cornered on emotion and getting fired up. If the Cards lose expect Strong to get a pass because of the talent level of his team and the last three horrible seasons. If the Cats lose expect the criticism to come swift and harsh for Phillips. He has been there, he knows the players and this is the Louisville game we are talking about. The emotional aspect is a push in my book.

  • Final Prediction-I think the weakest part on both teams is the D-Line. The linebackers are about even but the defensive backs are supposed to be a strong part of the Kentucky defense. The Cats will over power the Cards D-line and get big games from the running backs and from Randall Cobb. The special teams for UK also have an edge. Final score: UK 27-UofL 17.

That about does it. At least half of the Sportsthat crew will be tailgating at Papa John's and some of us will be actually in the stadium. Yours truly is still waiting to hear about tickets. Expect a full report on the activities. Drunk and sober.

That's about as fair and balanced as I have ever been. You're welcome.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kyle Wiltjer Commits to Cats

So in what has become a trend, after pulling out Terrence Jones, the Cats pulled out another great commitment from the north west. Kyle Wiltjer committed to Kentucky this afternoon. Kentucky went head-to-head against California, Kansas, Texas, and Gonzaga to grab Wiltjer. The 6'9" forward is ranked #25 by Rivals in the class of 2011 and is the 6th ranked forward.

Wiltjer joins the previously committed PG Marques Teague (#2), SF Michael Gilchrist (#3), and PF Anthony Davis (#6).

Friday, August 27, 2010

SportsThat takes one from a "Calipari Freshman" and goes Pro

Boogiewoogie has been picking up my slack here while I've been in 5 different cities in 5 days, travelled 3,800 frequent flier miles and taken in the surprisingly beautiful scenery in Texas - Yes, beautiful. I realize that I called those gals bovine, large, obese, and more. But the small sampling on my flight there was a incorrect measure. If you're ever in that town, go to Memorial Park, after my experience, via Twitter, I took back every offensive thing I said about those ladies. Houston seemed to grow beautiful single women like Nelson County grows marijuana... "wildly." 

Anyways, I'll be attending the mailto:Cardinals@%20Bears game at Soldier Field tomorrow and hope to provide a recap of the NFL's dress rehearsal. It's the third preseason game and you're said to learn a lot about a team in that game... like if Matt Leinart really is as awful as he seems, if Jay Cutler will cry in a game again, and if Kurt Warner will look down from the announcer booth, point, and laugh. Sure it's still the preseason, but the starters play 1/2 to 3/4 of the game, so it should give a good indication of what's in store, at least for the short term.

In the news of sport, well the Sporting News and along the "Pro" theme, The Sporting News released their preseason rankings and All-American team. Kentucky was ranked #8 overall and the amateur status questioning Enes Kanter found his way to the 3rd team All American squad.

Eloy Vargas is Ready to Ball for the Cats

Remember when Vargas was a Gator? Neither do I.

While it stinks to be a Cardinal basketball fan it sure is awesome to be a Wildcat basketball fan. Miami Dade Juco transfer Eloy Vargas is ready to play some basketball! The four star former Gator is on campus and will be practicing soon. Very soon. The 6'10 power forward, #26 in his class, #9 in his position and the #1 player in the state of Florida in 2008, will bring the size and strength that the Cats lack in the middle.

Jorts has some pressure off of his shoulders. All we need is The Istanbull and we will be a legitimate Final Four threat. FREE ENES!!!!!!!

Sallie and Coleman Ineligible for the Cards

I'm in big, big trouble and it's not my STD's this time.

Boy it sucks to be a Cardinal basketball fan. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that they will be terrible this year. This is the projected starting five: Peyton Siva (actually good), Terrence Jennings (hates electricity and is a bust so far), Rakeem Buckles (athletic but can't shoot), Preston Knowles (not that good and likes to beat up his girlfriends dad), Jared Swopshire (looks like Barrack Obama and weighs 70 lbs).

Kyle Kuric could also start but he already had the game of his life so we shouldn't expect much out of him. Sallie and Coleman were expected to add size and athleticism to a team that lacks both things. Pitino is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his...uh, hat to take this team to the NCAA's this year. You heard it hear first, this team is NIT bound.

Prepare for a lot of L's in the inaugural year of the KFC Bucket of Grease Arena.

Chane Behanan and John Calipari: Gab Session

This hometown boy has the goods. And he is a Wildcat.

This is (not) the actual transcript of the phone conversation between John Calipari and Chane Behanan.

Scene: Chane Behanan, the number 29 recruit in the class of 2011, is packing up for his official visit to the University of Louisville.
Chane's phone rings.

CB: Hello?
JC: Hey Chane! This is coach John Calipari calling from the University of Kentucky. What are you up to?
CB: Hey coach! I'm just packing my bags and getting ready for my official trip to "Loserville". (Both parties give a chuckle)
JC: How about I save you a trip. How about you come and play basketball for me and be a Wildcat.
CB: I thought you would never ask! Thanks coach! I really didn't want to visit there anyway. Rick Pitino gives me the creeps if you catch my drift. He was going to take me to a restaurant with a bunch of guys in their late 50's. That sounds really awkward to me.
JC: That guy is a weirdo. Besides, wouldn't it be just plain awful to get beat by Kentucky and everybody in the Big East year in and year out?
CB: You bet coach! I also am looking forward to playing with top notch recruits such as Anthony Davis, Mike Gilchrist and Marques Teague!
JC: You better believe it buddy!
CB: Now my mom won't be sore at me for visiting someone that she says is an immoral degenerate. Plus I don't think I would look good with a line beard and a body full of tattoo's.
JC: Have you seen that tattoo Mike Marra has?
CB: Yeah! That clown in a straight jacket. What the hell is that supposed to mean, anyway?
JC: I think his uncle is a member of the Insane Clown Posse or something.
CB: Well, thanks coach for making me a a part of the #1 class in 2011!
JC: You betcha buddy!

Rick Pitino: You got Teague-Bagged by Coach Cal. Again.

UK Basketball Schedule is Out! and Other News and Notes

As football season approaches (8 days) we are given a small taste of what basketball season will bring next year. Some interesting early games should definitely show us what the Cats are made of right off the bat. Oklahoma, Virginia or Washington, North Carolina, Notre Dame and Indiana all loom at the top of the schedule. Coach Calipari has definitely beefed up his out of conference schedule compared to last year. What worries the Big Blue Nation, and Coach Cal as well, is that these Cats may be Kanterless Cats. More on that in a bit..

But the biggest early game is on New Years Eve against the Dirty Birds in Rick Pitino's House of Ill Repute. Yes, the Cats will ring in the New Year with a victory over Pitino and his boys in the site where he, Karen Sypher and the rest of their cronies met to discuss payments and extortion. Let's shut em down by giving them a big "L"! "L" Yes!

  • Something else that made me smile is that UK's 2011 recruiting class is right now ranked 25th (25th!) by ESPN and are looking to add more. Check out this ESPN recruiting page that has a Joker Phillips profile with the statement "Welcome Wildcats." Phillips got 4 star player Zach West to commit. West is one of the best linemen in the country. Yes, the Cats are on their way and Joker is leading the charge. I have great feelings about this guy as our coach. Oh, by the way Die Hard Cards, Chuck Strong's class has yet to crack the top 25. But I am sure Moses will lead them to the promised land soon enough.

  • Mel Kiper (hearts) Randall Cobb. The Hair-Do announced that he thinks that #18 is the best all around player in college football. I am SO glad he wears the blue and white.

  • I watched the Colts vs. Packers pre-season game last night and I have to say that Green Bay looked damn good and Aaron Rodgers looked more like Peyton Manning than Peyton Manning. He tossed 3 TD passes in the first half and looked like he is the best quarterback in the league. I think Brett Favre will go 0-2 against the Pack this year.

  • Albert Pujols belted his 400th home run last night against the Nationals but the Cards still lost. They are now looking up at Cincy to the tune of 4 full games. The last month of the season is in full swing. It's looking more and more like the Red Legs are going to be division champs. Good for them.

  • On the opposite end of the Aaron Rodgers spectrum is Matt Leinart. He is being benched in favor of Derek Anderson. Yes, THE Derek Anderson. I watched Matty Boy run the Arizona offense on Monday night and he looked inept at best. He is terrible. Maybe the worst Heisman Trophy winner ever behind Nebraska's Eric Crouch.

Let's talk Turkey. The 48 hour time limit has passed and I have not heard from them yet. Enes Kanter is still in limbo. I plan on buying a ticket to Turkey, fly over there and face the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a duel. Pistols at dawn my friend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Snake is at it again!

On Wednesday afternoon, Bowling Green's Chane Behanan made an unofficial visit to the University of Louisville. Behanan had a great summer, and is now ranked as #23 overall and #5 in PF for the Class of 2011. Both U of L and UK are interested in Behanan, as well as other powerhouses such as UNC, Ohio State, Kansas, and Texas.
Seeing how this kid is in the State of Kentucky, this race may come down to the Cards and the Cats. Behanan's high school coach described his visit to U of L as "great" and went on to say that the Cards "did a great job presenting their program to Chane."
Down I-64, however, Ol' Snake Calipari showed his fear that he might lose another highly ranked recruit to his hated rival by extending a formal offer to Behanan the day BEFORE his visit to U of L. Why is this not surprising at all? Calipari already has verbal commits from 3 of the Top 10 kids for 2011, but his grip on some of the other "locks" may be slipping.
#5 ranked Quincy Miller was once considered a lock for UK, but he's now leaning heavily towards the Cards. It has also been stated that UK had cooled on Behanan because they were high up on other kid's list that they felt fit their system better.
Why offer that day? Well, it shows the true colors of Ol' Snake Calipari. He may not be interested in Behanan, but he will still do all he can to prevent the kid from signing with the Cards. While this is not illegal on any grounds, it does fit right in with Calipari's MO.
Again, it shows how Calipari and UK are a great fit for each other.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Joker Phillips is Staking His Claim

I hate to do it but I gotta beat my friend Charlie Strong. I gotta beat him bad. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about how I am going to beat the heck out of him in front of all 100 Louisville fans in his debut.

The head coach of the University of Kentucky is making sure that he has a foothold in the city of Louisville. Joker Phillips knows that St. X, Trinity, Male and Holy Cross high school (not really but I gotta show some Cougar love) are all Louisville schools with premier football players. Recruiting here is essential for success.

Phillips stated that "We want to have a huge presence in Louisville." Good for you Joker! The presence has already been established with the numerous billboards all around the city as well as a HUGE Kentucky fan base in the belly of the beast. Beating Louisville for a fourth consecutive time will go a long way in convincing those young men that Lexington is the place to be.

Phillips also talked a little bit about what type of football team the fans should expect: "We want to play really fast...be an aggressive, attacking football team." Amen to that brother. UK's offense has speed to burn especially at the running back and wide receiver positions. The defensive back field is also blazing fast.

10 days.

Free Enes Kanter

One question that has been plaguing Kentucky fans for the past couple of months is why is Enes Kanter still not eligible. Matt Jones seems to have found the answer and it might be more trouble than expected. Kanter's home country of Turkey is refusing to give any information to the NCAA so they can clear him to play.

Kanter is academically eligible and has been taking classes at UK since this summer. His amateur status is still in question. Kanter's family and UK have done everything in compliance with the NCAA, we are just waiting on Turkey. So, let me take this opportunity to write a letter to Turkey.

Dear Turkey,

It has come to our attention that you are holding hostage one of your country's premier athletes from playing basketball at the prestigious University of Kentucky. Do us all a favor and get over yourselves. The Ottoman Empire collapsed over 100 years ago. Are you still sore at us for kicking your butt in World War I and putting a nail in the coffin of that once illustrious powerhouse? Or are you angry that your country's prison system was cast in an unfavorable light in the movie Midnight Express?

Well, it doesn't matter why you are mad because now you are messing with something very near and dear to all Americans hearts. Freedom? No. Democracy? No. The Grand Slam Breakfats at Denny's? No, but close. You are messing with our sports and we don't like it. Not one bit. And what happens when the USA gets angry? Well, you should know from experience and if you can't remember go ahead and ask Germany, Japan, Iraq (twice) and Vietnam. On second thought don't ask Vietnam. But you get the picture.

Here is the ultimatum: Free Enes Kanter and let him lead the Wildcats to the Final Four or consider this letter a glove slap in the face. That's right Turkey, you are being challenged to a duel. Pistols at dawn. Name the date and the place and we will be there, guns blazing. And by we I mean the entire Sportsthat crew. Except the UofL fans. I doubt they would participate unless they are just itching for a duel.

I have spoken my piece and I expect a reply in 48 hours.



P.S. You really haven't done anything great in the past 100 years. So give Enes Kanter to the world and put your nation back on the map!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For All of the Boogie Haters

We all in Big Blue Nation miss DeMarcus Cousins. A lot. But we knew it was time for him to depart and take his tremendous talents elsewhere. And to Sacramento he went. He was passed over by the 76ers, the Timberwolves and the Nets because of alleged "attitude problems". They are all dumb. Cousins was Rookie of the month in July and has been getting rave reviews from coaches, players and fans in Sacramento.

He and Tyreke Evans are expected to form a formidable force in the NBA. A one-two punch at point guard and center that is expected to be among the best in the league. And to show their excitement, appreciation and adoration, the Kings are putting up a massive banner of Cousins and Evans on the side of Arco Arena. Don't believe me? Check it out here at Wildcatworld.com.

Cousins will continue to impress and dominate on the court. I fully expect either Cousins or John Wall to claim Rookie of the Year. Keep on proving the haters wrong Boogie.

Mike Hartline Looks to go 3-0 against Louisville

Mike Hartline celebrating a bowl victory. Something the Cards know very little about for the past three seasons.

I know Monster Mash already told everybody this but I have to put my two cents in on the subject. Senior quarterback Mike Hartline was named starter yesterday conspicuously close to the same time that Charlie Strong named Adam "Abe" Froman the starting quarterback. I don't think this is any accident. The mind games are starting between Strong and Phillips and should only heat up between now and September 4th.

I'm not surprised nor am I that disappointed in the pick. As much as Cards fans (and Cats fans) like to bash Hartline and say how much he sucks, he is 2-0 as a starter against Duh-Ville and is actually 3-0 as a player. He has never lost to the Cardinals. Hartline was actually having a decent year in 2009 until he was sidelined most of the season with a knee injury.

But there is a lot going for the Morgan Newton argument. Newton came in as a starter and went 5-3, winning on the road against Auburn (stadium capacity 87,451), Georgia (stadium capacity 92,746) and Vanderbilt (stadium capacity less than PJCS. Not impressive). This was all as a freshman with one of his major weapons, Derek Locke, injured for part of the time.

Now there was one X-factor that helped tip the scales for Newton: Randall Cobb. The Wildcat package saw a boost in play calling and Cobb was under or behind the center a lot more to take some pressure off of the rookie. I'm not saying it was all Cobb but he had a heckuva lot to do with those wins.

Back to the game on the 4th. Expect Hartline to have a semi-short leash. Locke has already come out and showed his allegiance to Hartline and UK great Keenan Burton tweeted that Hartline should to be the QB. He has support from his team and his coaches, but if he struggles we will see Newton. I think we probably see Newton even if Hartline looks like Peyton Manning. We will also see a lot of Cobb as well. The Cards have yet to find an answer to Mr. Everything.

And not lost in this is red shirt freshman Ryan Mossakowski. Moss came in as a highly touted pro-style 4 star quarterback. He is still awaiting his chance to showcase his abilities. He was reported to have had a stellar camp.

Only a week and a half away and I must say that I haven't been this pumped for a UK/UL game since Woodson and Brohm went at it in 2007. The expectations for both teams are high and I am really looking forward to the Cats deflating the expectations of the Cards. Again.

Texas Football News of the Day

So I'm on my way to the Lone Star state for a few days, where I'll be laying my hat down in Houston until Thursday evening. When you're traveling by yourself, you have a lot of time 'alone.' Providing a great opportunity for self reflection and of course blogging. My first thoughts in a crowded airplane turned to the absenteeism of attractive women that accompany me 32,000 feet above the ground. Sure it may be due to my high standards, which I would place at around the level of Rick Pitino's pants at an Italian restaurant, but my guess is that it has more to do with my destination. The Kentucky State Fair photo I posted is a decent representation of the caliber and bovine sized females available.

Anyways, this is Texas and as despite being Holstein sized, they are football fans. So here's the news starting with the game of football:

- The Wildcats have announced their starting QB for the upcoming Kentucky Louisville game. It is none other than Mike Hartline. Hartline was the preseason. favorite and front runner and as the incumbent, probably won the spot much easier than Joker Phillips would have everyone believe.

- As I posted earlier, Adam Froman was announced via Twitter per Chuck Strong as the winner of the 'Who wants to be a starting Louisville QB' contest. This was probably just as expected as the Hartline pick. Thus, the only thing remaining in the chess battle of coaching, is the game itself.

- There is word from the Indianapolis Star today that UNC, Kansas, and Kentucky are being investigated concerning the recruitment of Kansas' Josh Selby. I'm on a plane, so I can't link it, but I'm sure Cardinal fans and other Kentucky haters will also being flying at the chance to take another jab based on rumors.

- I realize the majority of our audience is in committed relationships, but in case they go south, there in a new prospect out there. Tiger's wife is officially his ex wife as the divorce went final. I have no problems with being a gold digging man whore in the instance the woman is under 30 and close to a billionaire...Elgin, leave your email in the comments, xoxo

- I want to wish 'Sweet' Lou Piniella congratulations on a great career as he ended it Sunday. Lou decided a few months ago to retire at the end of the season, but with his mother's failing health, put on his jersey for the last time. Good luck Lou, your rants will be missed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

DeAndre Daniels News Ends with a THUD

All of that speculation and excitement for nothing. It seems that DeAndre Daniels will reclassify for a third time and he will stay in high school. A prep school to be exact. He had Big Blue Nation along with USC and UCLA all worked up for nothing.

But hey, that's life in the big city. I wish him well and I am looking forward to his commitment to the Cats in 2011.

The Winner is Adam Froman... and the Cats!

In a long running game of Quarterback chess between the coaches of Louisville and Kentucky, Charlie Strong made the first move today. Via Twitter this afternoon Strong named Adam Froman the starter for the game in Papa Johns next weekend.

The next item to be taken care of is Joker Phillips and his naming of the starting QB for the Wildcats. While indications still lead to Mike Hartline, 2-0 vs the Cardinals, Joker is keeping it close to his vest.

Cardchronicle Calls it for the Cats

Finally! A Louisville fan with some damn sense. Cardchronicle's Mike Rutherford finally has his score up for the Cats/Cards game on September 4th and he has the Cats winning 24-13. He gives his reasons as the undersized defensive line of the Cards will be run over by Cobb, Locke and the young but deep UK O-Line. He also says that emotion and effort by both teams will keep it close but the talent of the Cats will overcome in the end. I couldn't agree more.

This is a dose of reality for the Card faithful and I have been saying this for months: the team is not very good. Rutherford also has the Cards going 5-6 for the regular and 2-5 in the Big (L)East. Again, I agree. This is not Matt Jones, this is not me or some other UK fan, this is coming from a Card lover if there ever was one. Now if only the REST of the Cardinal fan base would jump on to the reality band wagon then all would be right in the world.

I'm not saying that there could not be an upset, because stranger things have happened and it is a rivalry. But it is highly unlikely. And, as long as we are talking reality, I'm not expecting UK to be crowned national champs. I think 7-5 is realistic as is 8-4. Then again they could be 9-3 or 6-6. I think they win all of their non conference games and then the SEC will be what it always is: a beast. But last year the Cats took down Georgia and Auburn, something that was unheard of 10 years ago. The team is making strides and this year, honestly, is murky at best. But I do think that they have the personnel to make some noise if they stay healthy.

Rick Pitino ranks ahead of John Calipari...on Jerk List

CBS sportswriter Mike Freeman (an infamous John Cailpari hater) compiled a sports jerk list. And wouldn't ya know it he has coach Cal ranked #35 on the list. What was his explanation? And I quote "Needs no explanation". Pardon me Mr. Freeman but yes it does needs explaining. I'm not really sure you would put him on the jerks list. Was it the $1 million dollars that he raised for the earthquake victims in Haiti? Was it because of the numerous charitable organizations that he funds in Memphis and in Lexington?

Of course not! It's because of his alleged transgressions, all of which he has been cleared of by the NCAA. And also maybe because of the great success that he is having at UK.

Now, on to Ricky P. He is listed one (only one!) spot ahead of John Caliapri at #34. His explanation for Sticky Ricky? And I quote "Too easy". I am going to correct you on this one as well Mr. Freeman. It was Karen Sypher that was too easy. Pitino was too dumb, too arrogant and too "quick on the draw" if you know what I mean. And I think you do. So here is to you Rick Pitino. Your team will not be ranked above Cal's and your next two recruiting classes will not be either. But at least you beat him in this category. The jerk store called and they are running out of you.

Notable mentions: Ron Artest (them's fightin' words. You don't mess with Ron-Ron), Mike Tyson, Nick Saban, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Randy Moss, Bobby Knight, Tiger Woods, Mike Vick and #1 was Brett Favre. Read the entire list here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

ESPN Talks DeAndre Daniels

This has NOTHING to do with this story but this must seem like 1,000,000 years ago for Louisville fans. Oh yeah, this was the year when Woodson tossed that bomb to Stevie Johnson. It's about to be 4 in a row Dirty Birds.

ESPN has FINALLY classified the Daniels reclassified situation. He had an ill relative that caused him to miss much of his junior year but he took night classes (huh? you can do that in high school?) and made up whatever he missed. Now he has a diploma and is looking to provide a team with his services. Which team? Good question. I wrote earlier he is going to Cal and UCLA this weekend for visits but all signs are pointing towards the Cats. Duh. The players are lining up to get to Lexington.

More on this story sooner than later.

Rich Brooks: One Year Sexier

Rich gets his annual birthday vital signs check-up. All signs point to years more of kick-assness. Get 'em Rich!!!!

It's a special day in Big Blue Nation: Coach Rich Brooks' Birthday. Pawpaw Brooks turns 69 (69, hahahaha!) today and we at Sportsthat want to wish him the best.

For those of you that do not follow the coach on Twitter you are really missing out. It's like being inside the brain of your retired grandpa.

Twitter topics:

Catching gophers in his garden

The progress of his 'maters

His grand kid's birthday party

Tweeting pictures of his grand daughters (how old are those girls? awkward)

Golfing and what he shot that day

Fishing with Joker Phillips

The senior discount at Denny's

How all of those rotten kids have no respect for their elders

Sitting on his front porch and judging everyone that walks by

How people drive too fast

What's the deal with Snoop Dogg and that Be-Bop music?


Prune Juice and fiber one:the key to regularity

etc... (ok, so only about half of those are true. Can you pick which ones?)

So here is to you coach Brooks! May you live 69 more years. Thank you for bringing UK football back from the dead into it's current form of suspended animation. Joker will take it from here and bring it all the way back to life.

DeAndre Daniels Weekend Update!

Mr. Daniels is set to visit Cal and UCLA this weekend and it expected to announce his destination early next week. He better, school starts Wednesday and Thursday, depending on the university.

Kentucky is still rumored to be high on his list. Luckily this WILL NOT be another Terrence Jones situation. We won't have to wait weeks and weeks and there won't be any transfer drama. Wherever Daniels goes, he stays. Unless he transfers and then he will have to sit out a year, which would be dumb on his part.

Unless he is a home body he would be silly not to come to UK. The Cats look to be absolutely LOADED if he shows up and they can make a super serious run to the Final Four. They will be fine without him, but Daniels would add even more size and depth. And in case you are wondering, the Cats still have two scholarships available. Which is nice.

Charlie Strong invades my office

The straw that broke the UK fans back... enough is enough Charlie... game on.
A letter to coach Strong from my phone:
Hi Charlie, 

Do you mind if I call you that? Great thanks. I mean, I know we've only known each other for what? 8 months. Well, it seems like forever. You swept into town on a Tornado and fairy dust, enchanting the city for all to see. You saved the Cards from doom and gloom with your talk of winning and change. I mean I see you out at dinner, the movies, all over my TV, we are practically family. Thus, us being on a shortened name basis feels natural, if it is inappropriate, my apologies.

Charlie, let me start by saying a few good words: "you inspire me". I appreciate your 5 goals for the Cardinals you listed yesterday during the news conference...thosee five core values you set forth. It's like Louisville's version of the 10 commandments...value ridden, morally sound and abbreviated since the Cards always come up short. Let me recap them for you if you have already forgotten:

1 No lying - commendable. No young man should set fourth with dishonest intentions. In fact I believe you stole this from Moses himself, fitting since you're the Cardinal saviour.

2 No Drugs - as a guy from the south end of Louisville I appreciate this. The lack of demand will hopefully depreciate the supply, thus putting an end to some of the meth labs in the neighborhood.

3 No stealing - This should make my trips back to campus for graduate school much safer. During my undergrad time at U of L, if you saw a football player you ran for fear of not just life or limb, but fear of life, limb and property. At least I don't have to worry about that last one.

4 Treat women with respect - Something I feel other people on campus can and should abide by. Your fellow coaches may want to get the crib notes on this one. Perhaps you can even write the forward for his upcoming book a Dale Carnegie lite, self help book that I believe has a working title of "Everything I ever needed in life I learned in the courtroom."  You know who I mean.

5 No Guns - Well, this one is a little off. I mean come on, it's a government given right to bear arms. Maybe you should change this one to "no killing"... it would have included the major use of guns as well as other weapons Cards might use. Plus, it would fit that Moses theme you were shooting for.
But here's my problem Chuck. I am a Kentucky fan. Yes, I try to be respectful of my alma-mater. I stay on my side of I-64 in Commonwealth Stadium and don't root against UL. But Chuck, try to understand that I do want to be your fan...but you're a Cardinal coach.  Thus, I expect you to uphold your end of the bargain and expect you to stay on your side of the line. I expect you to keep your propaganda to your Red wearing alegent. But today you set fourth on my turf.

You came into my office under the rouse of 'heart health'... and posted your big friendly smile all over (that picture above). It's on every pillar and door on every floor. You come in warming up some of the weaker UK contingent. Sucking them into the state of cheering for 'a good game' versus a big W by the Blue. Well Chuckie, you can take that well-to-do grin back to Papa Johns. I don't appreciate your disrespecting the truce. Like a woman at Porcinis, I feel violated.

Thus, well we shall see what happens in a few weeks when the Cats take over your turf there at Papa John's Cardinal stadium. And I will not hide my intentions...I fully intend on posting up in the Old Cardinal Stadium parking lot and tailgating under the premise of being an obnoxious UK fan rooting on Big Blue to victory. I fully expect to post by smile all around the lot after the game to warm the hearts of the downtrodden Cardinal fans that see your failure in the bowl first hand.

So in closing, Charles, its been real. I send my condolences for your soon to be loss.


Monster Mash

Thursday, August 19, 2010

UK, DeAndre Daniels. DeAndre Daniels, UK. Maybe.

Ok, big news on the Kentucky basketball front. Apparently DeAndre Daniels is reclassifying and considering playing basketball for this year and the team he might be playing for is...you guessed it, the Wildcats.

Who is this DeAndre Daniels? Glad you asked:

According to Rivals.com, Daniels is a 6'8 small forward from California. He is listed as a 5 star recruit and is the number 10 player in the 2011 class. Yes, the same class with Gilchrist and Teague (sorry Louisville fans but his commitment to UK never gets old). He had originally committed to Texas but decommitted August 18 and UK was then thought to be the front runner. The schools that he has interest in are Kentucky, Kansas, Memphis and Tennessee.

What does this "reclassifying" mean?
Apparently Daniels was originally slated to be a 2010 guy, then reclassified to be a 2011 guy, and is now reclassifying to be a 2010 guy again. What does all this mean? From what I can gather as long as he has the credit hours that a high school requires him to have then they will give him a diploma and he will be eligible to join a college team and take classes. My estimation is that he has the hours and wants to play college ball.

Yeah I know, right. It all sounds very confusing and very shady. As is all college athletics. This could all blow over and he may stay at high school and take shop, home ec, and acting class.

What about the current players and how would they feel about this?
Honestly, I am all for more talent on the team. I doubt Mr. Daniels gets an automatic starting spot. It seems to me that Miller has the small forward position sewn up and Liggins will be the shooting guard. One could move Miller to shooting guard and put Liggins on the bench but I would hate to see that. I feel Liggins has earned it and I doubt VERY seriously that Cal would do that.

I honestly cannot call this one. There is very little information out there and this is one that we all will have to wait and see what will happen.

Wow, being a Kentucky fan is exciting!
No kidding.
Update: High School recruit wizard Evan Daniels just tweeted that there is big news coming on Daniels. Prepare for the shock wave BBN.

Roger "The Rockets" Clemens blasts his way into court... indicted for purjury

So Long Hall of Fame - Hello Hall of Justice

A grand jury indicted seven-time Cy Young winner, Roger Clemens, on 6 counts of perjury, obstruction of justice, and other crimes today. Clemens made 15 statements in 2008 under oath in front of a congressional committee about his steroid and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) use from 1998-2001 that are at the center of the allegations. If convicted, Clemens could face anywhere between 15 and 21 months in jail according to sentencing guidlines.

During his testimony to Congress, Clemens denied using steroids or Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Those statements were then countered by his former trainer Brian McNamee and the grand jury believes Clemens may have perjured himself in the matters.

But at least Clemens will have someone to talk baseball, steroids, and perjury to... right Barry Bonds?

Blount said Knock You Out and Other News of the Day

Folks, he's at it again!
    • Former Oregon Duck LeGarrette Blount became famous last year when he cold-cocked a Boise State player after the Broncos defeated the Ducks in the season opener. Blount was suspended for the season but was then let back on the team. He assured everyone, including new NFL coach Jeff Fischer that he past behind him, yadda, yadda, yadda... Well, not so much. The Blountster decided to pull another Tyson and punched a fellow teammate in the face mask at a Titans practice. I guess old habits die hard.
    • The Brett Favre train keeps a rollin'! An unnamed Viking, who may or may not be the unnamed source of the false UK $200,000 to Anthony Davis story, said that Ole #4 thinks that head coach Brad Childress "has no clue" and does not respect him. If we can all jump into our way back machine and remember last year when Favre decided to call plays of his own and go for it instead of coming off the field on fourth down, then we can all agree that this is probably true.
    • Apparently Jesus is not impervious to rib injuries. Tim Tebow has missed his second straight practice due to a rib injury he suffered in his first preseason game. I guess self healing is not on the list of his super powers. But being overrated is.
    • On a serious note Vikings Rookie of the Year wide receiver Percy Harvin collapsed at practice and was taken away on an ambulance. He has suffered from migraines ever since his days at Florida.
    • Matt Jones and I think a lot alike. Imagine that. That's when I was not surprised when I read his article on Charlie Strong's five "Cardinal" Virtues (HA! I'm hilarious!) they were very similar to my take. Well done sir! I am anticipating your radio and television programs. Like he's actually going to read this.
    • And finally, John Wall continues his "I'm a super star in the NBA" tour with a stop on ESPN's awful show First Take. Curmudgeon/Jerk Face Skip Bayless even did the John Wall dance. Big Ups John. That makes Boogie and Wall to be two Cats interviewed on the show.

    The Adventures of Cal: Vegas Baby

    So when you're a millionaire, coach the best basketball school in the world, and you are on summer vacation, what do you do and who do you do it with?

    Sure you could call up one of the 15 kids that you sent to the NBA, but they're young and doing the Dougie while you're looking to figure out who this Doug guy is. Sure there's the local celebrities that want to talk and eat, but why dine with Kyle Macy, Steve Beshear, or Karen Sypher... all they'll do is try to use you for campaign contributions, sperm donors, or in Macy's case to steal the key to Castle Grayskull.

    No, no, no, you jet around the world with A list celebs and get invitations from people like Michael Jordan to attend their camp. Then you fly off to Vegas and when camps not in session, you go out and to eat with BB King.

    Welcome to the lifestyles of the big blue rich and famous.

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Rajon Rondo is paying the bills

    So it's probably a little old by now... I mean the place I found it has had it posted for 9 days. But here's a UK Alumni and the guy Louisville turned away, Rajon Rondo making the bills.

    He gives Demarcus Cousins  a run for his money in those black rim glasses... yessir... Did I say stop? Did you hear me say stop?

    UK Basketball and Football Afternoon Notes...Guest Staring Brett Favre

    Any team in the country would love to have this guy. He's a Wildcat. Hell yes.

    A lot of Kentucky talk to get to today. First up: Football

    • There is a new award to be handed out this year and it is the Paul Hornung Award. Kentucky has two, count 'em two, players on the watch list (the only team in the SEC to boast this) and they are Randall Cobb and Derek Locke. This award focuses on a players' game changing ability and recognizes players, like Cobb, who play more that one position effectively. Rick Bozich explains the award a little more in depth and why Cobb is the front runner already. Expect Cobb to do big things this year. VERY BIG things.
    • Coach Joker Phillips decided to recognize the awesome effort that the Wildcats have been giving in practice and decided to give the team the afternoon off yesterday. Instead of practice, the players got to enjoy time at the swimming pool. Phillips likes the effort and the intensity but is still harping on mental mistakes. "Kentucky doesn't beat Kentucky". Amen Joker. And neither does Louisville.
    • Elliot Porter, a former LSU, Oregon and Texas A&M recruit, has been practicing with the Cats. Porter is a 6-4, 280 lb defensive tackle that had been leaning toward A&M until Phillips swooped in and grabbed him. He is expected to start right away and will be a huge body on the D-Line. Go get 'em Joker.
    • Word on the street is that Morgan Newton is playing his "You Know What Off" in practice and is pushing Mike Hartline for the starting QB position. I love it. Newton can add an entire dimension to the offense that Hartline can't with his great athleticism. Defenses cringe when they see Cobb and Locke in the back field and Newton split out. He has a rocket for an arm but he lacked the accuracy he needed last year. But he did have a winning record. And that's all I have to say about that.
    Next Up: Basketball

    • Kentucky basketball is awesome. How awesome is it? Awesome enough to get four, count 'em four, Super Tuesday games on ESPN for the 2010/2011 season. The Cats will play Alabama on the road, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Vandy all at home. ESPN knows ratings and quality. The Cats get ratings and give quality play.
    • The basketball Cats are now at home for a week before classes start and will have two more weeks after that for break before practice starts again. John Calipari was actually quite full of praise about the trip to Canada, unlike last year when he downplayed everything.

    Finally: Favre

    I have a love/hate relationship with Brett. When the guy is playing lights our at quarterback, joking around with his teammates and doing Wrangler commercials I love him. When he is waffling about retiring and dragging his butt so he won't have to go to training camp I hate him. Since the fiasco is over with and Favre is practicing with the Vikings I guess I love him again.

    The one thing that is telling about this whole situation is the reaction of his team. The entire team wanted him back and the entire team doesn't mind if he misses camp. He is Brett Favre. he earned it. It's kind of like the old guys that you work with that come in and drink coffee and BS most of the day while yuo bust your hump digging ditches. Those guys were where you are now, they have put in their time and if you work as hard you can be in the same position one of these days.

    Side note: When I say entire team I do not mean Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels. They are pissed.

    John Wall and Demarcus Cousins teach me how to Dougie

    Forget the John Wall dance, that was soooo yesterday. Wall's doing a new dance and has brought in his ex-wildcat Demarcus Cousins to show it off... here's the guys best effort at teaching you "how to Dougie"

    Arkansas Reporter Fired for Florida Hat

    So an Arkansas news reporter was fired earlier this week for wearing a Florida Gators hat to a Bobby Petrino press conference. The "Hog Sports Radio" reporter, Renee Gork, is a Florida alumni and the radio station, as the station manager said is a "biased Arkansas" station.

    Gork was set to apologize to the coach and fans but before she could do so, she got the ax.

    I for one, think she's better off, I mean who really wants to work for a place called "Hog Sports Radio" and even our Cardinal fans can agree that no one likes Bobby Petrino. As one person on the Chicago Sun Times put it, she was a "dope for wearing a Gators cap into an Arkansas news conference...she would have been more of a dope if she'd worn an Arkansas cap into an Arkansas news conference."

    More Canada News: Darnell Dodson Returns?

    Yes I know Boogiewoogie covered some of this with his post yesterday afternoon... but here's my take.
    The war waged in Canada is now complete. Big Blue Nation took over the nation to the north and swept the city of Windsor with fury. They filled the arena and conquered their basketball teams. After doing so the fans left more excited then a Louisville basketball coach at an Italian restaurant about some of the things they learned of their 2010-2011 Cats:

    1) Brandon Knight is going to be just fine as John Wall's replacement at point. He is not John Wall but doesn't need to be. He is quick, has a soft runner, and can hit long range. He stuffs the stat sheet like Pitino stuffs... OK like Jorts stuffed Canadian basketball players.

    2) DeAndre Liggins is the role model of hustle on this team. He makes you tired just watching him play, he does it with so much energy. He left the first two game with hustle injuries, including cramps in the first game and floor burns in the second. Cal has called the other players out to be like Liggins, a far cry from where Liggins was last season.

    3) If Darius Miller can be as assertive as he was during the three games up north, this team may surpass expectations. Miller played the low post very well, and although he won't be called to do that often during the regular season, the Cats can play a smaller quick lineup and still have a guy that can play in the paint.

    4) Dom Pappa is a fool and Kyle Macy looks like Skeletor. I don't think Dom will be around much for the regular season, and that's probably a good thing. But Macy will probably be there for the games broadcast on BBSN - note to Macy: GTL.

    5) Darnell Dodson is coming back... wait, Darnell Dodson is coming back? Yes. This note came up after Jorts (aka BigTyme55) said during the post game interviews that exact phrase. This is interesting to say the least. Dodson had an on-again-off-again relationship with the team this summer and it finally reached its assumed end when Cal announced Darnell would not play with the team this season, but could still practice and play next year if he chose to do so. He was thought to be packing his stuff and heading back home. Cal did follow Harrelson's comments and say that while Dodson might return to the team, he would not return to the lineup this year.

    So there you have it folks. The ins-and-outs of the Canada lessons learned.

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Charlie Strong Tries to Even Out Expectations

    Tom Jurich: "Some words of advice. Stay away from Rick Pitino and The Boys. If you meet any sultry blonds in Porcinis or any other restaurant, run as fast as you can."

    With all of the Little Birdie fans expecting the impossible, like Louisville having a winning record, coach Strong decided during his press conference to bring the overzealous fans back down to earth. He was at the Mariott to answer questions at the Louisville Football kickoff luncheon.

    The coach was optimistic and stated that the program is different than it was when he became coach in December. He talked a lot about how he will emphasize the importance of academics and then he listed the core values that he expects the players to follow:

    1. Honesty

    2. Treat Women With Respect (Are we listening Quick Rick? And wasn't corner back Johhny Patrick recently arrested for assaulting his girlfriend? Is he still on the team? Yes.)

    3. No Drugs (Nyquil and Flintstone Vitamins not included)

    4. No Stealing

    5. No Weapons (Louisville football and basketball players are notorious for brushes with the law. He probably had to make this rule especially for incoming thug, I mean Freshman, DeMar Dorsey)

    Strong was very motivational and seemed to really want to get the football team turned back around in the right direction. His last lines were very revealing, "I can't make any promises here. I can't say how many games we are going to win, but I can say this to you: we will be an exciting football team. We will play hard-guys understand-we will play hard."

    No doubt that he will have them ready to play but I think even Strong realizes what he has as a team. He spoke of how they are small on defense, the quarterback position in up in the air, how it may not be this year or even next year until they improve, but he made sure to express that there will be passion for the game.

    Now don't get me wrong, I actually like Charlie Strong. I give him a hard time on here but I honestly think that he is a good man and a good coach. But the fact is that the Cards are still going to stink. You can't turn a football team around over night, it just does not happen. Basketball is a different story. There are about 12-15 guys on a team where there is over 40 in football. A basketball team can rely on one guy to be a superstar and lead a team to wins, a football team needs an overall effort from everyone. UofL has some decent players at certain positions but overall they are bad.

    Dirty Bird fans take a lesson from your coach and chill out. I understand the excitement for the season but stop living in the delusion that THIS YEAR will be the year your team will be good. Give Strong time to work and to get his players in before you start making grand proclamations. You might have to Stand Strong for a few seasons. Knowing Louisville fans they won't be able to Stand Strong through the first half.

    I've said it before and I will say it again: Charlie Strong is not suiting up to play any position for the Cardinals. He can motivate but he can't make the talent become any more than it already is.

    Peace Out Canada: Back to Football

    It's aboot time to get back to normal in Canada. Hockey, beer and Terrence and Phillip.

    The Cats leave Canada with another victory. The Wildcats won today 104-75 in another blow out over Windsor. Brandond Knight had another big game with 27 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists. Doron Lamb had 23 points, Darius Miller had 24 points, DeAndre Liggins had 10 points and Jorts had 19 rebounds. Yes, 19 rebounds.

    Things I learned from Canada:

    1. Brandond Knight is going to be very good. And by that I mean he is going to be a finalist for player of the year in the SEC and nationally. The kid can score, pass, run, steal, rebound, etc... I ain't sayin' he is John Wall. I'm saying he is Brandon Knight.

    2. Liggins looks for the first time since he has been at UK that he is where he belongs. A full year under Calipari's tutelage has formed him into a better player with desire and a will to win. He is going to be exciting to watch.

    3. Darius Miller is the leader of the team. He has recommitted himself in the weight room and has added rebounding and put backs to his offensive arsenal.

    4. Jorts still has a loooong way to go. He had some shining moments but we are going to need him if Kanter or Vargas are winded, in foul trouble or (gulp) ruled ineligible.

    5. Doron Lamb is a baller and will be even better once he starts getting used to the system.

    Starting 5 predictions: Kanter, Knight, Jones, Miller, Liggins. Doron Lamb will be the first man off the bench and may even start some games depending on personnel needs.

    That was a fun little August detour. Now back to football. The Cats are going to beat the Cards. The End.

    Charlie Strong Louisville Kickoff Luncheon

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Terrence Jones Out Until September - Rib Stress Fracture

    So while the Wildcats may have won the first game in the Canadian/Kentucky Summer Basketball War, Canada may have struck back harder than expected. News came out tonight that not only will Terrence Jones miss the rest of the Canadian Open, he will also be out until mid-September with a stress fracture in his ribs suffered in last nights game.

    It's alright there Canada - we'll just punch Celine Dion in the ribs the next time we see her for paybacks.

    LIVE BLOG: Kentucky vs Western Ontario

    Cats and Cards: Football and Basketball News

    The best decision that Brandon Knight ever made was putting on that hat.

    Despite other people thinking that my excitement and optimism is a little overblown, I am still very impressed with Brandon Knight and the performances of many of the basketball players. I reiterate the fact that I know these are practice games against Canadian colleges. But these games are important for a few reasons: 1). The team is playing against players other than each other early; 2). The young players are getting to learn a new system under a new coach; 3). UK fans get a glimpse of the new 5 star freshmen early; 4). Hopefully when the real games start that there will be lesser amounts of growing pains like we saw early on last year. The games aren't meaningless and it gives fans a glimpse of what may be coming in November.

    It's fun to watch these games as we are not able to see exactly what the football teams will look like until September 4th, preseason football is a bore and some of us could care less about baseball because our teams aren't making the players. My Red Sox and 2Hot's Indians to be exact. There is some news regarding BOTH the Cats and the Cards in BOTH sports. No more ranting. Let's get it on:

    • Freshman Terrence Jones will miss the remainder of the Canada trip due to a stress fracture in his ribs. He had four points in the firs half. He will be ready in September when the team starts to practice in preparation for the season.

    • Brandon Knight is going to be great. Read this article by the Courier Journal about the young point guard, what his coach is saying and what the players for the Lancers had to say about guarding him last night. He was 11 of 19 from the field and was 8-8 from the line. 31 points, homey.

    • UK wide receiver Gene McCaskill is out for the season with a torn ACL that he suffered at practice. The wide receiver core still has Randall Cobb and Chris Matthews as starters. One player that needs to make some noise is Junior Aaron Boyd. Boyd is a 4 star recruit that has yet to make any type of statement as a Wildcat. Let's hope he ends his silence this season.

    • The University of Louisville will face off against Butler in the first game in the KFC YUUUMMMMYYY IN MY TUUUUMMMYY! Arena (still the most ridiculously named arena in all of sports) on November 16th. It will be on ESPN on 8 p.m. The mere fact that Pitino will be present for the game makes the game rated TVMA for strong sexual content. It's ironic that Ricky's sexual performance isn't very strong.

    • It looks as if DeMar Dorsey and Jordan Campbell may be joining the Cards in the near future. Cardchronicle is posting that both players have tweeted (maybe fake tweeted) that they are on their way to camp. Many Cards fans will believe it when they see it.

    • There is still a 3 way chase for the starting quarterback job for the Wildcats. Joker Phillips stated that the competition is "hot and heavy".

    That's all for today! Tune in for another Sportsthat live blog for the Wildcats game in Canada tonight. I will be unable to lend my usual funny wit and insight. I have other obligations.

    Cardinal Basketball in August is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

    ** Author's note: 99% of this post is written entirely in sarcasm **

    I had the opportunity on Sunday to observe a pick-up basketball game featuring the 2010-2011 Louisville Cardinals, and all I can say is WOW! I mean, with the big football game coming up in less than 3 weeks, I really wasn't thinking about basketball, but boy am I glad I was in the right place at the right time.

    The highlights:

    * Peyton Siva cannot be stopped. He simply has another gear that will make him an All Big East performer. What I love most about Siva's game is that he is pass-first, meaning that he will simply make his teammates better. It's apparent that his experience in China over the Summer has helped him mature as a person and player, and he appears poised and ready to lead the Cardinals this year.

    * Preston Knowles is a lock-down defender. Much like Darrell Revis has Revis Island, watching Knowles operate yesterday makes it look like his defender is trapped on Knowles Island. Very impressive, and will be a big key for the Cardinals this year.

    * Chris Smith is a beast. Smith sat out last year after transferring from Manhattan, and the only thing we knew about Smith was that he is cousins with J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets. But know after this meaningless pick-up game, boy are we in for a treat next year. Not only can he stroke it from 3 point range, but he can also blow by his defender and posterize you if you aren't looking.

    * Terrence Jennings is NBA-ready. Jennings has displayed his talent sparingly over the last two seasons, but he is ready to play in the league right now. His summer conditioning has really paid off, as he has added a little weight, but can still fly up and down the court. Additionally, his shot blocking ability has increased, and he's added a couple dominating post moves to his repertoire.

    * Kyle Kuric can still dunk over you. Much like he displayed against Syracuse twice last year, Kuric is poised for a breakout season. If his pick-up game play translates to practice, he will lock up a starting spot with no problem.

    The best part about this pick-up game? Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello were both there to witness it. They were both guests of Tim Fuller, and really enjoyed what they saw. Miller was overheard telling Fuller, "I would love playing ball with a PG like Siva who loves to share the rock. Instead of dropping 30 plus points, he controlled the game by getting his teammates involved. That's my kind of player."

    Bello agreed. "Siva is the type of PG who can throw a perfect alley-oop pass for me. I can't wait to play with this team!"

    As I stated earlier, even though football season is right around the corner, I felt the need to comment on a Cardinal basketball pick-up game. I know there will be more than enough time to comment once November gets here, but this stuff was too good to pass up.

    With that being said, I'm READY for FOOTBALL SEASON!! GO CARDS!!!

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Brandon Knight Wows in Debut as a Wildcat and Other Musings

    Brandon Knight was the Gatorade Player of the Year. He looked like it against Windsor.

    There are many big headlines after the new look Wildcats big 33 point victory against Windsor and I will get to them soon. I want to first address Brandon Knight's play. The Kentucky point guard made his stunning debut with 31 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 0 turnovers. He is faster than advertised, he has no lack of confidence, he plays smart, he has great ball movement and he looks comfortable in the dribble drive. There were some questions about Knight being the heir to John Wall but it is not fair to compare the two. John Wall was who he was and Knight is going to be great as well. Cal sure knows how to recruit those point guards.

    Other things I noticed:

    • These Cats can run the court. John Calipari has been saying lately that he wants to play fast and that these players will be able to do it. All indications from tonight point to Cal being correct. I'm not sure if Enes Kanter will slow them down but Terrence Jones can run the court as well as any 6'9 player that I have seen.

    • Speaking of Jones, if he plays half as good healthy as he does hurt (shoulder and ankle injuries) then he will be a beast. They need to go ahead and shut him down for the rest of the trip to keep him healthy for the regular season.

    • Miller and Liggins are the leaders of the team. The Juniors look like they have improved 100% from last year. Liggins drives to the basket better than anyone on the team and Miller has added bulk to his frame. He added a new dimension of rebounding and a power move to the rim that was lacking. These guys will help put the Cats over the edge.

    • They need Kanter and Vargas. The middle was vulnerable and Harrelson doesn't look like he is going to be able to carry the burden on his own. Windsor made some easy lay ups in the middle, something that Kanter and Vargas will be able to stop.

    • Lamb looked shaky but he will improve. Poole's defense was very impressive, Hood looks better but is still uncomfortable and Polson scored. Good for Polson.

    I know it is only one game against a Canadian college team but it is something to be excited about in August. There is a lot of room for improvement but these Cats looked better in the dribble drive than last year's Cats early on. Does that mean they are better? Of course not. The season and the tournament will decide that.

    Go Big Blue!

    Live Blog; Kentucky vs Windsor!