Monday, October 11, 2010

Politicians and Enes, a new roadway to Freedom

It has already been shown that the Free Enes movement, which originated on this site, has made it to the Washington DC and this weekend Kentucky Secretary of State, Trey Grayson, ventured to South Bend, Indiana and, as shown, is shown proudly via Twitter doing his best to Free Enes.

As a former President, Bill Clinton is often called upon to do some behind the scenes talk between hostile countries. Those talks are often masked as humanitarian efforts, emergency relief, aid work, etc, but the main reason is often to discuss high profile hostages, political agendas, and other items.  

Well, Clinton was in Kentucky to "campaign" for US Senate candidate Jack Conway today. However, a sign with the now infamous slogan Free Enes appeared in the crowd, possibly outing Clinton's primary cause. The blogosphere will be abuzz wondering if John Calipari, the University of Kentucky, and potentially even President Obama (a known Kentucky fan) called upon Clinton to go covert-op and FreeEnes?

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