Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA Tip Off: News and Notes

As we all know the NBA is starting tonight with a match up between LeBron, DWade, Chris Bosh and the Heat against KG, Ray Allen, Rondo, Paul Pierce, the Big Leprechaun in Boston. I want Boston to win because; A). I'm a Celtics fan; B). Rondo went to UK; C). I think Shaq is hilarious. But I also now enjoy the Heat because everybody else hates them for absolutely no reason.

They all took less money to play together. And what should the #1 priority of a professional athlete be? Winning a championship. I personally hope that LeBron James averages 50 points a game, wins another MVP and a title so those crybabies in Cleveland can cry some more.

To the News!
  • Herm Edwards will be calling the UK/ Mississippi State game on ESPNU Saturday. My hope is that he is better than that awful Mark Schlereth. And Cats, take notice of Herm's most famous words: WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! HELLO!
  • Brett Favre fractured his ankle in two places and is in a walking boot after the Green Bay game Sunday Night. His streak of NFL starts may come to an end. His streak of making really poor decisions based on his ego is safe.
  • Tony Romo was knocked out of the game on Monday night and has a broken collar bone. The 'Boys are now 1-5. I hope their season ends well. I am saying this because two linemen from the Dallas Cowboys follow me on Twitter and if I piss them off I may end up dead somewhere.
  • Random NBA season predictions: John Wall or Boogie will win Rookie of the Year; Mark Cuban will murder a referee on national television; Kobe Bryant will finally be recognized as the biggest Douche in the Universe, taking the title from Rick Pitino; Ron Artest will retire from the NBA and become and astronaut and be the first person from Queens Bridge on the moon; T-Will will be the only ex-Cardinal to start for an NBA team for any extended period of time.

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