Monday, October 25, 2010

UK Football is Causing People to Drink Heavily

No, this is NOT Jon Hood in a bathtub full of beer cans. Although this guy looks quite similar.

In the past 48 hours 3 University of Kentucky personalities were arrested for DUI's. Former Kentucky basketball player Anthony Epps was arrested Sunday morning in Lebanon, Ky; current wide receiver Matt Roark was also picked up early Sunday in Fayette county for a DUI and has been suspended for this Saturday's game; and former UK basketball player Jules Camara was also picked up early Monday morning for the same offense.

There is one correlation that I think fits the crime of DUI: they are all drowning their sorrows in response the the up/down, all around season it has been for the Kentucky football team. Hell, I was even drinking Saturday. But that was before the game. I was too depressed to drink after the beating. It is as if the ghost of Billy Clyde has returned to spread booze around the UK community to get his revenge! And just in time for Halloween!

Take heart Wildcat faithful. I know this seems like a blackeye for the school but at least only one of the three is a current player. And at least the Cats aren't being arrested for beating up cops, or being arrested for fighting over a hairbrush, or being arrested for cracking the spine of their Baby Mama, or publicly humiliating their university by cheating on their spouse with some cheap floozy on a table in a public eatery while people watch, then paying for "health insurance" to terminate the "product" and blaming the media for demonization of character all the while. Whew! That's a lot but I am sure I am leaving somethings out.

In short: at least UK is not the bastion of criminal excellence that UofL has become. There, don't you feel better all ready!


  1. All 3 of those guys could have killed someone. Let's not downplay what they did.

  2. Typical UK fan - when something negative happens to them, let's point out everyone else's faults. That's their elitist attitude that they exude during basketball season. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  3. Yes, I am such an elitist as is all of UK. We are the definition of snobbery.

    And what did I write that was not true? I was just pointing out the fact that it could be worse. We could be UofL.