Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calipari on Kanter

John Caliparis is still talking Enes Kanter and for the first time it sounds as if Cal is a little nervous. Previous statements he made sounded as if he fully expects Kanter to play but his latest quotes do not have the same confident tone.

Cal says he is uncertain if Kanter will play for the Cats but that the NCAA "is not working against" Kentucky and he is confident that they will make the correct decision. He also adds that the ramifications of this decision will be a landmark ruling for foreign players that are interested in playing at American Universities.

Calipari made sure to reiterate the fact that Enes was 14, 15 and 16 when he played for Turkey. It is still unclear whether or not Pete "I hate John Calipari" Thamel's claim that $100,00o was accepted by Kanter.

The longer this goes the worse it gets. I suppose the NCAA is trying to get this right but the season is around the corner and Kanter is suffering because of it. He is watching his teammates practice get better while he sits in limbo.


  1. Is there a deadline for a decision? There is a point where the team needs to know if they need to plan on having him, or plan to not have him. I hate UK, but this is ridiculous. I want Cardinals to screw over UK, not the NCAA.

  2. Totally agree with you Travis and I feel the same way about Dieng. The NCAA did that kid wrong.

    UK needs to know how to prepare for the season. Josh Harrelson stated that they are preparing as if Kanter was not on the team. That's all they can do until the decision comes. There is no deadline that I am aware of. It could come tomorrow or in March. There is no telling.

  3. It's crazy...Even if you clear him just before the season, it puts UK at a disadvantage because the kid will have not practiced in a couple months. You throw him in the mix and team chemistry could be shot. Again, I want my lackluster Cards to knock off the Cats at full strength.