Sunday, October 10, 2010

Louisville vs. Memphis: A Blowout Victory

I know, I was Memphis. Memphis is garbage, I get it. But the last time I can remember the Cards putting up that many points on someone was like 2007...Brian Brohm was our quarterback.

The line for the Cards v. Tigers game was 17 points I believe...I thought the Cards could probably cover it if they played like they did against Oregon State or the first half against Arkansas State...I couldn't even have imagined a 56-0 shutout against a former rival. Pretty much every facet of the game looked good; offense, defense, and special teams. Adam Froman played about the best game of the season (even better than the Oregon State performance) and all he did was chuck the ball for 235 yards and FOUR, count 'em...FOUR touchdowns. Even backup QB Justin Burke came in to throw 5/6 for 40 yards and a TD, doing NOTHING to help the naysayers keep saying that Burke should start over Froman. Personally I'm totally happy with Abe's playing thus far this season. Each game the Cards have scored more than the previous, meaning by season's end I fully expect us to put up no less than 235 points on the season closer at Rutgers.

Josh Bellamy has definitely stepped up in his freshman year, especially in the absence of one of the key play-makers on the team, Doug Beaumont. Everyone thought Coach Strong was a little crazy when he said that Bilal Powell, and not Vic Anderson or Doug Beaumont was the "face of the program." Now, they would all wholeheartedly agree. Powell has been running like I've never seen him do since he's been at Louisville; he racked up a measly 204 yards on 18 carries and 2 TD's, averaging just over 11 yards a carry. Vic is no slouch either though, but he left the game hurt I believe with his nagging shoulder.

With the Cards having a similar halftime lead to last week's game at 35-0, most fans I know where kind of waiting for the same thing to happen as last week; a lull offensively and letting Memphis crawl back into the game, making it much closer than it should be. Apparently the players got the message the coaches sent both all week long, and during halftime, because they came out and scored on the first possession of the second half, and didn't let up on the defensive side either.

The play of the season came out of the "WildCard" formation. (Side rant...why does every team have to have a name for this formation? Why can't everyone just call it the freaking Wildcat? Even coach strong in the post-game presser called it the Wildcat, and then corrected himself and said WildCard...what's even more annoying is the UK WILDCATS call their formation the "WildCobb" due to their stud Randall Cobb...thus showcasing that one player is greater than the team. Ok I'm done with that.) Bilal Powell took the snap as per usual, and what was unusual is that he actually handed it off to Vic Anderson, who flipped it back to QB Adam Froman, who tossed it about 40 or so yards to a wide open Josh Chichester....and the most shocking thing of all this, is that Chichester CAUGHT THE BALL, and then ran it in for a score....all of those things were possible firsts this season!

It's kind of sad that that play happened in the same game as the uber-impressive 74 yard scamper that Powell had for a TD...that touchdown for me was even more impressive than the 80 yarder he had in the opening game against the Kayuts...who by the way are now at 3-3 after a "moral victory" at the hands of Auburn ("but I thought UK didn't celebrate moral victories," you may say. Well I thought the same thing, but apparently some of their fans do, while others do not). If you saw the play you know what I'm talking about, as it looked like he should have been tackled a couple different times, but he either changed speed or direction instantly and was gone.

The true test for this team comes this Friday when in-conference rival Cincinnati comes to town and we take back the Keg of Nails...this will be a great measuring stick for each team to figure out how the rest of their seasons will pan out. I'm definitely going to be in attendance up in Section 7 of the new expansion, and if you are also, then say hi and buy me a beer. If not, then catch the game on ESPN!

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