Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's talk about Sext Bret Favre

I don't blame you one minute Brett, well only that one minute when you said "I Do" and got married,  outside of that, it's cool... she's hot.
And here I thought the Randy Moss trade would be all the talk in Minnessota this weekend, boy was I wrong. In typical Bret Favre fashion, he has stolen the spotlight away from the Moss mega transaction and put it solely on himself.

Friday, news broke in the New York Times that Favre's voice was on messages left for Jennifer Sterger, co-host of the Versus Network's "The Daily Line", in 2008 propositioning the 26 year old former playboy pinup.

The incident also was reported by the New York Post and to have included the 41 year old grandfather's genitalia (which is why the Deadspin article is not linked... ugh). Sterger was linked with an incident on MySpace last summer that was reported to be Favre leaving raunchy messages as the user ID "Screaming Lord Byron".

At the time, Sterger responded to the allegations by simply saying that she was not interested in Favre and further stated that "I don't roll that way. That way meaning old ... or married."

When looked at further, analyst have agreed that it could simply be Favre positioning himself for life after football:
1) The images could be clear documentation that Favre has not used steroids.
2) He could be showing before pictures of a new product from Just For Men
3) He was making a push for Jimmy Johnson's spot as ExtenZe spokesperson.
4) This seems to be exactly what ESPN continues to look for from their on air personalities. 

Thus, I think this simply implants Favre into your television on Sunday (and Monday) for years to come.

And finally, SportsThat is excited to give a big welcome to our latest blogger Ryan Shooter!

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  1. Brett should have given up while he was still a legend and the most respected player in football. He has become a joke and one of the more hateable guys in professional sports.