Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The CJ and Cards Fans Finally Talks Pitino

This guy has fallen far and hard.

After two full days of the news that Tony Woods may be joining the Cardinals the Courier Journal finally did an article talking about the transfer. Rick Bozich is the author and I must say that he does a good job of going after Pitino and Jurich for this huge misstep.

Some highlights:

  • Pitino should know better to that to take a risk like this

  • Pitino used to be about integrity

  • This is too soon after Sypher

  • Pitino just got finished punishing Preston Knowles for a violent act and called out his maturity

  • Pitino has had a string of questionable recruits and seems to be losing his touch at the process of recruiting in general

  • Accepting scholarship money from a University is more than a second chance, it is a privilege and an opportunity that few, more well deserving individuals ever get

  • October is domestic violence awareness month

  • Charlie Strong recently did some seminars with the Center for Women and Families about domestic violence and treating women with respect is #2 on his 5 core values list

Rick Pitino's total lack of caring about this situation is baffling to me. His silence on this issue is deafening. The desperation he feels for his terrible coaching job has blinded him and all he now cares about is winning. Rick Pitino used to be someone to look up to but now even his own players and fans have to wondering what this guy is truly about. After the Louisville football program took a step in the right direction by hiring a quality individual like Charlie Strong, it seems they have taken a step back by letting a piece of garbage like Pitino hang around.

Here are some samplings of what the UofL fans are saying about Pitino on discussion boards. It sounds as if they are fed up with his antics and it is time for him to go:

There are a few Die Hard Cards that are Ricky P apologists but not many at all. The growing frustration is evident. The consensus seems to be that UofL fans don't want anything to do with Tony Woods or even Rick Pitino. I'm glad the Card faithful are showing some guts and finally calling out this morally corrupt individual.

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