Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cat Walk - Review

It was Big Blue Madness tonight in Lexington and as John Calipari himself said, it was the first chance to "introduce this new team to the Madness and Passion that is the Big Blue Nation." Well team, it is nice to meet you too.

Last year at this time, John Wall was lowered into position on a crane, did a little fist pump arm action, and sent the world into a furry with that "dance" that was later emulated around the globe and internet.

Tonight, despite a warning by Wall to not subject the new players to the standards set by the 2009-2010 squad, I am personally stacking up each of the Cats up to John Wall and his intro move, to see if we have any possible repeat performers. Scores are based on Ease of Duplication, Rhythm, Swagger, and Personality. Since they simply walked across a stage instead of a crane, here is my Cat-Walk review:

Harrelson - 7/10: As eluded to on Twitter, Harrelson came across the stage doing "The Carlton" but stopped short and his dance merged into a peppy step. While I give it an A for awesomeness because Jorts listened to the fans and giving them what they wanted (and an A for KSR for starting the push), I give it a C for effort. Harrelson stopped halfway through the dance and that pep-step pulled down his average.

Liggins - 4/10: DeAndre had a no nonsense approach to the Cat Walk. He simply strolled across the stage with a slow walk. While there is nothing wrong with his move, we are comparing moves to the John Wall dance, and other than when I walk to the restroom when having to relieve myself, this one won't be reproduced. 

Vargas- 6/10: Eloy was hyped all week for Big Blue Madness and came out with traditional gestures. He gave a "Let me hear ya" hand to the ear, pump up the volume motion to the crowd. He had personality but the creativity was lacking.

Lamb - 8/10: Doron became the first 10-11 Cat to do an 'original' dance. He threw his hip and let it move through his body into his hands. He kept it stylish, but simple, straight forward, and easy to recreate at the same time.

Knight - 3/10: Brandon was on record before Big Blue Madness saying he would not dance tonight, he is not a dancing kind of guy and didn't even dance at his own prom. Knight lived up to his word and simply did a "Y" and salute.

Polson - 2/10: The walk-on turned scholarship player kept it easy with a "#1" index finger motion and a stride to walk across the stage.

Hood - 4/10: Jon Hood is said to have added a little bit to his game this year and he certainly had a little swagger to his Cat Walk. While simple, he did do a "Wave ya hands" through the air motion and a slow stroll.

Jones - 9/10: Terrence was the second player to bring his own move to the party. His "Throw the Dice" was a squat while twirling his right arm. The simple, but stylish move, like Lamb's, was easy to recreate and easy to identify. Jones' move is marked higher than Lamb's only because I think I can actually see myself doing this after he hits a put back jumper to win a game.
Poole - 6/10: Stacey made a False Start motion and let it roll into through his back, hips, and shoulders. It wasn't very original but it was easy to do and showed a sense of style.

Miller - 3/10: Darius threw down a #1 hand sign and strolled across the stage in a quiet fashion and with the quiet fashion, his walk gets a quiet score.

Kanter - 10/10: While Kanter wasn't cleared to practice with the team, he did walk out in style. In fact, Kanter was my favorite Cat Walk of the night and was just that, a walk. Being the first Cat to use a prop, Enes brought in a flat billed cowboy hat and "The Undertaker" music. He walked across the stage with bells sounding, a slow motion, and raised hands... signaling that he had arrived. Something we've all been waiting for.

John Calipari - N/A With Cal already being on the bench in his sweat suit, much better than when we last left him in his jeans in Canada, he came out to see his team and gave Kanter props for his stage presence before taking the microphone and welcoming the fans.

Overall I was impressed with the new tradition of swagger at Kentucky. The times where players didn't join in on the fun at Big Blue Madness are over and we'll surely see more of the same in the future. Personally, I would say Kanter, then Jones, then Lamb have the best chance of taking off as the next John Wall Dance phenomenom, but heck, no one knew at Big Blue Madness that the John Wall Dance was the John Wall Dance either... so only time will tell.

Go Cats!

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