Thursday, October 7, 2010

Doc Halladay: News and Notes

Joey Votto, you ain't no daisy. You ain't no daisy at all.

Roy Halladay has spent years toiling away in Toronto on plenty of terrible, awful, no good, very bad teams. He has never pitched in the playoffs until last night against the hometown (sort of) Cincinatti Reds. He made the most of it. He became only the second player in history (Don Larson pitched a perfect game in 1956) to throw a no-no in the playoffs.

It doesn't get much easier for the Redlegs. Next up is Roy Oswalt, who was a Red killer in Houston, and then Cole Hammels. This may be a short series for a team that hasn't reached the playoffs since 1995.

  • The dreaded Yankees turned a 3-0 deficit into a 6-4 win last night in Minnesota. This has been the trend for the Twins against the Yanks. Get a big lead early, blow it in the end. Much like Monster Mash on a date. He plays his cards right in the beginning and then asks the date in question is she could shave his back at the end of the night. After that little experience he never hears from the lady in question again.

  • Cliff Lee lead the Rangers to victory over the Rays. I really don't care about this series.

  • Randall Cobb is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore!!!! Cobb is ticked off about losing two in a row, one a blow-out and one because of self inflicted wounds, that he blew up during a media session. He claims he is going to play "pi$$ed off" on Saturday against Auburn. Play angry, just don't fumble.

  • Guard and Twitter star Tony Wroten, Jr. says that he will announce his decision between Louisville, Washington, Villanova, UConn and Seattle (?) today at 6 p.m. and it will be "interesting". Wroten has made recent headlines by Tweeting to coach Calipari "why you stop recruiting me?" I have already answered that question and I hope he read it. If Louisville loses this guy look for the "illustrious" class of 2011 to take another big hit.

  • Speaking of UofL taking hits, there have been a lot of them coming lately. Mike Rutherford of the Cardchronicle wrote a scathing review of the NCAA and the current state of the Rick Pitino run Cardinal basketball program. He calls the next 8 months the most important in the history of Cardinal basketball and I agree. More on Pitino and Dirty Cards b-ball at a later time...

  • John Wall is getting rave reviews in Washington already. The fans are already praising his speed and athletic ability. His decision making is still what it was at Kentucky, a work in progress. Once he gets that down he will be the best point guard in the NBA and one of the elite players.

  • Boogie is doing just as well. He made his preseason debut with the Kings and had 16 points and 16 rebounds. Cousins is double-double waiting to happen in every game. No sign yet of that bad attitude that Jay Bilas and all the Louisville fans loved to talk about. Just a kid with freak talent, a will to out work people and a killer instinct.

That's all for now Sportsthat fans. Come back later for a Rick Pitino review!

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