Monday, October 4, 2010

UK Football Review: From the Horses Mouth

A couple of UofL fans posted their reviews of UK football these last couple of days. One of them hit the nail on the head in a few aspects and the other resorted to calling out the basketball team for some strange reason. The "perceived" prestige and "arrogance" comments kind of puzzled me. When Louisville, or any other program not named UCLA, Duke or North Carolina reaches 7 national titles, over 2,000 wins, a slew of Final Four appearances, tournament appearances, conference titles, then we can talk. Until then, focus on the matter at hand.

That being said, I will now get back to football. It's time to be honest and not kid ourselves here. The people calling for Joker's job are being absolutely ridiculous. Is UK in any different of a position than if Rich Brooks was still coaching the team? Probably not. They MIGHT be 4-1 instead of 3-2, but they still would not have defeated Florida.

Another couple of reasons to lay off of Joker: 1). Joker did not fumble the ball or throw an interception; 2). Joker is not the one calling the defense or missing tackles; 3). Joker is not making boneheaded penalties costing the game. In my opinion it's the players lack of focus. Is the coach to blame? Maybe for some of it but not all of it.

Ole Miss had one thing going against Kentucky in that game, besides Jeremiah "Armed Robbery is My Hobby" Masoli, and that is the hitting. They were laying some wicked licks on the UK offensive players. The Ole Miss players seemed ready to take off the head of a UK player.

Where do we go from here? many were billing this, including myself, as a game that may determine the rest of UK's season and I am going to stand by that until they show me and the fans otherwise. Everyone is expecting an undefeated top 10 team coming out of Auburn and into Lexington to demolish the Cats. Now it's about pride. No amount of play calling or substitutions can take the place of heart, desire and focus. Kentucky can put up points but they produce a win?
It looks like another 7-5 season may be at hand. It really seemed like this year was going to be the one. UK has, in the past 4 years, beaten number 1 and eventual National Champion LSU, beaten Georgia and Auburn in consecutive nights and have gone to 4 straight bowl games. Many thought we were on the cusp but now it just seems we are hanging in limbo.
P.S. Monster Mash is correct. BIG NEWS COMING. Stay Tuned. #Free Enes

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