Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No More for Nomar

One of the all-time greats to ever wear a Boston Red Sox uniform has called it quits. The former shortstop signed a one day contract with his original team, the Boston Red Sox, and then immediately retired. Nomar Garciaparra was drafted 12th in the 1994 MLB draft. He made his major league debut with the Red Sox in 1996 and won the 1997 AL Rookie of the Year award and finished 2nd in the 1998 AL MVP race. He appeared in six All Star games.

Garciaparra also played for the Cubs, the A's and the Dodgers but had his best years in Boston. He was always a fan favorite and the calls, "Noooooooommmmaaaaaahhhhhh!," could be heard throughout Fenway Park whenever he came up to bat or made an outstanding play in the infield. After a subtle decline over the years he was traded to the Chicago Cubs in 2004.

The saddest fact is that the year Garciaparra was traded was the same year the the Sox finally overcame The Curse of the Bambino and won the 2004 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. All of Red Sox Nation was happy to finally win the Series, but the victory was a little bittersweet, knowing that Nomar was not a part of it.

Nomar's final years in the MLB were plagued by numerous injuries and he never played a full season. He returned to Fenway Park as a member of the Oakland A's in 2009 and was greeted with a standing ovation from the fans.

It is questionable whether or not he will get into the Hall of Fame. He has a career batting average of .313, 229 home runs, 936 RBI's, and a .361 on base percentage. I think he will get in but he won't be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Nomar was one of my favorite players growing up along with Ken Griffey Jr., and Cal Ripken Jr. He was one of the major reasons that I became a Red Sox fan. He should have been on the team that won the Series. He deserved a ring with Boston.


  1. What are you smoking? Nomar will never make it to the Hall of Fame. Actually, now that I think about it... Nomar sucks.

  2. I am ignoring the above comment about a childhood hero of mine.

  3. On SC today they said that when Nomar was in his prime he was comparable to the likes of A-Rod and Jeter but you're right he sucks.

  4. Agreed. At one point they mentioned Nomar with Jeter and ARod. Now he's with the Mark Priors of the world - "wow I remember when's"

    Besides he's a Red Sox and I'm pretty sure they've all sucked, despite the hype when they first come out.