Sunday, March 28, 2010

NCAA Tournament: Breaking up is hard to do for this Kentucky fan

Yesterday, the day was beautiful in Louisville. Today it's cloudy, raining, and cold. What is there to think about on such a craptastic day? Currently, I think of two thoughts: "I hate Duke" and "Man this sucks." Duke's losing to Baylor at the half for their chance to make it to the Final Four - Go Baylor. This whole thing sucks and I am starting to realize that the Kentucky loss to West Virginia last night was like a bad breakup:

1) You don't really see it coming: You think everything's great. You are just skipping along doing dandily and BAM - there's the moment the news comes. You are completely caught off guard. You don't really know what to do or say. You just want to sleep and maybe cry.

2) You had plans for the future: You could see the road ahead and you had everything planned out. Your weekend plans, trip to Disneyland, everything is cancelled. Now instead of going out of town or doing all those fun things you were thinking of, you just sit and pout. You need something else anything else to take your mind off things. You just look to the future and think about the next chance you'll have at happiness.

3) The day after is worse than the night before: Sure, the big conversation is horrible. You let it all out only to find yourself in a huge deficit of feelings and self pity. The next day, you think about all those things that could have been and all those things you could have done to make it better. Nothing you do is going to change things now, but man you wish you could.

4) You are left empty and alone and angry: You can't figure it out, that feeling inside that feels like your hungry but you know you don't want to eat. You just know it sucks and you don't like it. You blame it on everything and everyone. It takes a while and a lot of sad music then angry music, but eventually you come to realization that it's over.

It's March though, with March and this rain,clouds and awfulness, comes April where big recruits are signed and new life springs forward. From a Kentucky fan though breaking up with the 2010 NCAA tournament I'll just say a few words:

I'll just say goodnight and I'll show myself to the door
Hey I didn't mean to cause a big scene just wait 'til I finish this glass
Then, sweet little lady I'll head back to the bar and you can kiss my ...

You get the point. I'm still in the angry music, drink my sorrows away stage.

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