Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Warning: Obligatory Baseball Article Below!

In keeping with today's theme of turnover within an organization, I would like to take this opportunity to write a very brief piece about my beloved Cleveland Indians. This will probably be the only article I ever do on baseball, so enjoy.

Most baseball fans will tell you that the Indians did not play in the post season in 2009. Do not listen to these pompous asses, the are incorrect. By my count, 7 players who were on Cleveland's roster in 2008 or 2009 started for serious title contenders in last year's playoffs.

CC-Sabathia- New York Yankees (Side Note: he is also the latest B-list, out of shape celebrity to appear in Subway commercials- see Tony Stewart)
Casey Blake- LA Dodgers
Mark DeRosa- St Louis Cardinals.
Rafael Betancourt- Colorado Rockies
Cliff Lee- Philadelphia Phillies
Victor Martinez- Boston Red Sox
Carl Pavano- Minnesota Twins

I understand management's philosophy of not paying free agents outrageous sums of money to stay in the Cleve but it is very frustrating to watch these guys compete for pennants with other franchises. It stings even worse when these players come up through the Cleveland farm system.

The philosophy may have worked when the Tribe last won the series (1948) but it may be time to reevaluate the strategy. If they hope to contend, they will need find a way to continue to develop young talent and retain that talent when the players reach their full potential.

Here's hoping this July 31st (the MLB trade deadline ) is a quiet night on the banks of Lake Eerie.

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  1. Important things that happened in 1948:
    -It was a Leap Year
    -The assassination of Gahndi
    -The Communist Party siezed control of then Czechoslovokia
    -The Hells Angels were founded
    -Israel unveils a Declaration of Independence
    -Arab-Israeli War
    -Berlin Blockade
    -Olympics in London
    -The Republic of Korea is founded
    -The Cleveland Indians defeat the Boston Braves in the World Series 4-2
    -Harry Truman defeats Dewey for the office of President
    -A pack of wolves killabout 40 children in Russia