Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Enes Kanter

With the almost certain future departure of power forward Patrick Patterson and center/power forward DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky needed to fill their giant shoes. They just got a little closer to accomplishing that task. Enes Kanter, a Turkish born center has officially committed to going to school at the University of Kentucky.

What does this mean for Kentucky? Possibly two things:

1). If Daniel Orton stays, then Kentucky will once again have a massive and intimidating front line. Orton will give the Cats another year of experience of playing college ball. Kanter is no stranger to competitive basketball, he has been playing in Europe for years. I could envision Orton being the starting center while Kanter starts at power forward.

2.) He could be the starting center if Orton decides to test the NBA draft. The Cats are interested in forward CJ Leslie and he is equally as high on the University. Stacey Poole is another forward that has already committed to come to Kentucky. The front court would be big and athletic but young.

But let's not get too ahead of ourselves here! Cousins, Orton and Patterson are STILL playing in the tournament and are looking to bring home banner #8 (knock on wood). With them still playing then our time should OBVIOUSLY be devoted entirely to them. This team is once in a lifetime and we should enjoy them while we can. Besides, the dream scenario would be that they all stayed and played for the Cats another year. But who am I kidding?

Stay with us for more recruiting news as it comes in. The college world is still waiting to see what 5 star recruit Brandon Knight will do. John Wall also will have some BIG shoes to fill.

Go Cats. Beat Cornell.

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