Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Broncos Get The Mighty Quinn and Other NFL News and Notes

Mmmmmmmm Boy Your Fat!
I had to take a short break from the madness of March to update the Sportsthat Nation on some new NFL happenings.
  • Brady Quinn was recently dealt to the Denver Broncos for a fullback and some future draft picks. He doesn't totally bash the Browns like his ex-teammate Derek Anderson did. Quinn is taking the high road and is saying that he is super pumped to be competing for a starting job in Denver. Kyle Orton, you are on notice. But then again it's Brady Quinn. I don't think Orton has much to worry about.

  • Speaking of the Browns, the third worst franchise in the NFL (1. Raiders, 2. Bills) just landed Quinn's and Anderson's replacement: Jake Delhomme. The former Panthers signed a nice 2 year deal with the Brownies and it is much speculated that the Browns will try and get Jimmy Clausen with the seventh pick. Sounds like a great plan since a Charlie Weiss coached Notre Dame player worked out so well for them the first time.

  • Running back Ladanian Tomlinson, best known for the LT shuffle, just signed a new deal with the New York Jets. He is old, he is in decline but he was once great. I hope he does well for the Jets. The aren't many classier guys in the NFL.

  • Keeping on the topic of the Jets, current fat boy head coach Rex Ryan just underwent lap-band surgery. I am not pleased about this. Part of his mystique is his weight. Much like Samson's hair it gives him his strength and intimidates lesser opponents. Bad move Rex.

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  1. what exactly is the man next to Rex Ryan holding?