Monday, March 15, 2010

Bubble Bobble Busted:

The last four weeks in sports have sounded more like a G.L.A.D. (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) convention and less like Men's College Basketball conversations: "are they in", "are they out", "they're hot", "they're not", "popping bubbles","bursting brackets"... ok maybe not that one. ESPN writer, Joe Lunardi has been exploited like a 10 year old in a Hanah Montana Clothing sweatshop. But it's over. Bracketology is finished. We know all the answers and don't need Lunardi's face/voice/hair made for print telling us where and what everyone needs to do to play in the Tournament.

It should be an excellent time. A great few weeks ahead. Here's a few games to look forward too in the first round:

(5) Temple vs (12) Cornell: Both have been said to be underseeded. Today an ESPN round-table (yeah they've been talking for +24 hours straight) claimed the Big Red of Cornell should be seeded as high as a 3 or 4! Now I may have no problems with an Ivy League school being as high as a 6 or 7 - but 3 or 4? Wow. Keep an eye out for the Big Red, if these ESPN talking heads are anywhere close it should be a showdown with the A-10 champ Temple Owls.

(8) California vs (9) Louisville: Coming from the Pac-10, the Golden Bears are one of the best shooting teams in the country and Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals have one of the worst FG% defense. Both teams like to run, and the winner will be running right into (1) Duke for a great chance at the Sweet 16. Scoreboard guy be warned: Bring gloves or maybe just an index finger guard thing. That pointer finger will be blistered from all the firepower.

(5) Butler vs (12) UTEP: Butler isn't overlooked anymore. The Bulldogs have a 20 game winning streak and are as hot and trendy as any mid-major. UTEP has size (6'9
Derrick Character and 6'11" Arnett Moultrie) which is always an issue for the typically undersized non-big 6 conference school. Look for a double digit upset if the 'dogs get the inside game running.

(4) Purdue vs (13) Siena: The Metro Atlantic Conference Siena Saints were a Cinderella last year and Purdue just hasn't been the same without Star Robbie Hummel. Purdue went 3-2 after Hummel's season ending knee injury. Those three wins: IU, Penn St., and Northwestern, all non-tournament teams.

Boogie had a great article earlier breaking down the Bracket and Duke's #3 overall seed. Make sure to check it out if you haven't already. He isn't the only person in the sports world that may disagree (yeah I just included him the sports world) with the selection committee.

Check back tomorrow for the bracket pool!

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  1. I can't believe Pat Forde and I actually agree on something. The world must be coming to an end. The next thing you know Glenn Beck and I will be in total agreement on a topic. Don't count on it.