Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boxing if for the Birds (LOL)

One of the most enigmatic figures in sports history is none other than former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson. Who can forget when Mike Tyson dominated the mid and late 80's, was the baddest man on the planet and had his name in the title of one of the greatest video games ever made? He was knocking opponents out in the first round left and right.

He was on top of the world! He was married to Head of the Class star Robin Givens, was the biggest draw in all of sports and had a tiger in every room. And then came Buster Douglas to rain on his parade and whiz all over his Cheerios. After the humiliating defeat to the over matched Douglas, Mike Tyson's world came crashing down around him. Robin Givens divorced him after she admitted in front of a television audience that Mike Tyson had mentally and physically abused her. He was later convicted on a rape charge and spent a few years in prison.

When he was released from prison he fought a couple of tomato cans, won easily and seemed to be back in shape. But then came the fight against Evander Holifield and the now infamous ear blighting scandal. Mike Tyson was not allowed to fight in Las Vegas ever again after that.

After a total beat down at the hands of former heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis, Tyson started losing to tomato cans and one of those losses was right here in the Derby City. His career seemed over.
Last summer he appeared in the hilarious film The Hangover in one of the greatest cameos of all time. Watching Tyson sing "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins was gut busting. Again, Tyson seemed poised for a comeback. Then his young daughter died in a freak accident involving suffocation by an electrical cord on a treadmill. The bad luck for Tyson kept mounting.

Now he is ready to come back again with a show on, of all places, Animal Planet. He will star in a show in which he will race pigeons. Why pigeons? As a youth growing up on the mean streets of New York, Tyson raised pigeons on the rooftop of his apartment complex. They were some of his only friends and he has kept pigeons around him ever since.

Good luck to Tyson. He has brought a lot of the hardships on himself but the guy has some screws loose and he has had his fair share of bad luck. Besides, he delivered two of the greatest quotes of all time. The best is when he was talking about beating Lennox Lewis. Tyson said, "I am going to eat his children. All praise be to Allah." Lennox Lewis doesn't even had kids. The other quote is not fit to print on this blog. Here is a list of Tyson quotes. See if you can pick it out and then tell me your favorites.

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